Let’s talk a bit about “dread game.” It’s probably one of the most controversial aspects of “the red pill,” and I know a lot of guys have a hard time coming to terms with it.

Basically, it’s sending the implicit message to your woman that she is at risk of losing you. This could be you chatting with an attractive woman at a party, it could be her seeing other women react positively to you, or it could be a woman even trying to pursue you. The point is that it sends a woman a signal that she has competition, and that she needs to “step up her game”

(Read: Seduce you).

Nefarious, no?

Whether that floats your boat or not, to put it bluntly, it works — some of the most submissive and horny my wife has ever been has been after a situation skewed our sexual market value in a public place. Now, that being said — there’s more to the story than what’s on the surface.

Dread game is a dangerous form of game to play, because moreso than any other “technique” in a relationship, it requires complete calibration. Indeed, doing dread game correctly is like walking a razor’s edge.

You need to a) not make her fundamentally distrust you and b) not make it seem like you are doing dread game at all.

Fuck this up, and you’ll either make the girl hurt and angry, or you’ll make her think you’re weak and pathetic. (Maybe both.)

So here’s some advice:

First, don’t do dread game unless you’ve already worked up your “sexual market value” in other ways to be competitive.

For instance, if you’ve been a slouch for awhile and only recently started to pack on muscle and exercise those social skills, if your girl isn’t giving you the TLC you deserve there’s a good chance it’s because she hasn’t noticed yet.

This is a great time to use dread, as it will not only work in the moment but it can transform her view of you entirely.

But the other thing about dread — in fact I’d say it’s the most important thing — is that you shouldn’t use it unless your relationship’s trust in *lock tight.*

You see, dread works because it creates anxiety in a girl. But anxiety is a volatile emotion. Think of it has harnessing nuclear energy — you have to be VERY careful and delicate with it.

If your relationship already suffers from trust or commitment issues this will create more drama than desire. Not worth it.

So tread (or should I say dread) carefully.

Dread works best as a friendly yet subtle reminder to your woman that she’s gotta keep working for you… all while sending the signal you’re not going anywhere.

Not easy, but when done right, the results are powerful.

And if you want to do it right?

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– Pat

PS If you missed my post on Sunday I mention dread game and my experience with it when my relationship wasn’t fully committed. Check it out here.

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