Do Women Like Angry Men?

Client the other day was out at an event with some girls he had spent time with on prior occasions. Normally, he had been “the nice guy.” They treated him OK, but he was along for the ride. Yet this time, they were responding to him differently. They were looking to him more to make […]

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The Double Edge of Seduction

Was chatting with a client the other day when an amusing yet tragic scenario came up. First a little backstory: My client is pretty good with women. Attractive dude, knows game and how to flirt. Girls often take an interest in him, and he tends to encourage them by “pulling back” exactly when he needs

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Why Women Nag

Short but sweet email for you on this Monday. But I wanted to get this material on nagging out… because I think it’s a topic most men don’t really get. Understandably, 100% of guys hate it. It is probably one of the most annoying things a woman can possibly do in a relationship. It is

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