My Mike Pence Transformation

I put it out on the interwebs the other day a little drama that occurred in my broader social circle: Now, before I dive into this, I must defend myself. Someone asked why I didn’t just say off the bat I wasn’t interested. 2 reasons: First, I’m not sure what my troll’s social world is […]

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Why Men Have No Friends

Recently I had the distinct displeasure of reading a piece in Harper’s Bazaar on why men have no friends. I suppose I should be happy about the article. Annoying rhetoric and condescension aside, it does bring awareness to the very real lack of male friendship these days. Basically — it argues as a result of

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How To Host A Party

HOW TO HOST A PARTY Everybody wants friends, and smart people trying to build their social group make it a priority to connect with as many people as possible. But many make a crucial mistake: They never host anything. Knowing how to host a party is the single greatest mark of a social leader. A

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