Let’s cut to the chase on this one, shall we?

If you want to rapidly gain more friends, and meet more women, you might benefit from a couple of things… but one is essential.

Meeting more people.

Which is why when a client (whose goal was just this) mentioned that he was invited to go to a city with an acquaintance to celebrate her birthday, my response was emphatic.


When you’re trying to change your life around, there’s one word I want you to get used to saying.


Someone invites you to a party, you say yes.

To drinks, yes.

Asks if you’d like to go with them to this event — yes.

Yes, yes, yes.

Say yes until you have no more fucking time left in your schedule. Your only reason for saying no should be that you have a better yes lined up.

New opportunities, new people, new experiences.

“Yes” gets you access to all of these.And it accelerates until your entire life is turned upside down.

Now, you might think to yourself… I should always say yes, right?


Sometimes the season is different, and you have the people in your life that you want, and your focus is more inward.

Building a business, or deepening a relationship, for example, tends to require periods of “no.”

No to parties that will keep you from work and schedules. No to new sexual opportunities that will undermine your relationship.

But if you’re single and trying to meet new people… you’re not in the season for no.

“Yes” is Spring.

So go out there, be friendly and generous, and say yes to everything that falls your way.

Because things will.

And if you want help navigating this new “yes” phase? To make sure you’ve got the right dating strategy, and don’t mess up interactions? (after all, good leads only come by once)

Work with me.

A new year is coming, and if 2018 didn’t give you the dating results you wanted… don’t make the same mistake in 2019.

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– Pat