Why Smart People Are Stupid

WHY SMART PEOPLE ARE STUPID (FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS) Have you noticed something about a lot of smart people? They’ve gone to good schools… They’ve studied challenging subjects… They’ve gotten good grades… They keep up-to-date with the world… They are extraordinarily knowledgable, overflowing with facts and data… They are even usually very eloquent… Yet talk to […]

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How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Like many other men, I have struggled with destructive habits. I have consumed on a regular basis excessive alcohol, disgusting pornography, mind-numbing television, and emotionally-triggering (and unenlightening) news. I have pursued immature, dramatic women, surrounded myself with negative, stagnant friends, and avoided any sort of movement that made me sweat. And I have suffered as a

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The Secret to Confidence

THE SECRET TO CONFIDENCE I talk a lot about things you can do to get a girl. The right way to approach her… The best way to talk to her… The appropriate way to express your desire for her… And they’re all, obviously, very useful.  They teach you what to do and give you the

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