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“It is not easy to be the man you are called to be. Pat Stedman knows the sacrifices required towards that end and he knows where that gets with women, better than anyone I’ve ever seen. If your search for more led you to this testimony and if you are on the fence about working […]

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“I worked with Pat on and off for two years over the pandemic. I consider myself lucky to view the last two years as transformative for me in a number of extremely positive ways, which I primarily attribute to the personal growth I achieved with Pat’s help. His deep understanding of male pathologies and the

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“Giving a wholesale endorsement is something I do not feel comfortable with. Though you should not misunderstand me as meaning that there was something wrong with Pat’s service. Quite the contrary. What I mean is that I feel like I was “supposed” to work with him, for personal reasons I would rather not disclose here.

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