“In a world of toxic people and bad dating advice, Pat Stedman helped me crack the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced and through some of the toughest times to find my true north. It’s easy to get lost in this world, looking for love, a life partner, and finding your way. I went through some extremely toxic relationships and was looking for the answers to ensure I pick the right person, and over and beyond any psychologist I’ve spoken to parents, friends, and endless research online. Pat was nothing like anyone I’ve come across in understanding psychology and pinpointing not only my faults but his ability to analyze what makes a good mate and partner in life. As an engineer, I would always overanalyze, and believed you can fix someone, to save someone, and didn’t understand how important upbringing is and how we are shaped. People’s past dictates, people’s future, and being able to analyze a woman’s past, is extremely important to ensure your values line up. A quick background on myself. I am a CEO of a company, and for me, time is the most precious resource. Finding the right partner to marry is going to be the single MOST important investment you make in your life. My recommendation is don’t waste time, and you should work with Pat, as you don’t want to make the same mistakes I made in life. The years lost, the pain, and confusion with falling in love with the wrong person, then asking yourself, why did this happen, why? Pat made the way very clear, and the logic is extremely intuitive and it has to do with very hard predictable human behavior. I sincerely thank Pat for his friendship and straight advice. He really saved my life, and it’s nothing I could have learned at Church, from my mother, my father, my friends, and especially from a feel-good psychologist.” “It’s the single best investment I have ever made in myself.”