“Giving a wholesale endorsement is something I do not feel comfortable with. Though you should not misunderstand me as meaning that there was something wrong with Pat’s service. Quite the contrary. What I mean is that I feel like I was “supposed” to work with him, for personal reasons I would rather not disclose here. It simply seemed like the correct thing to do, and another necessary step on my developmental path. I have no idea if this is the case for you. Though if you found your way to this piece of writing already, and are on the fence, doubtful for some reason, I would seriously consider plunging in. I have essentially lost faith in impersonal advice. Words are cheap, especially when it comes to women. Though personal advice will cost you initially (comparatively speaking), it will offer unmatched clarity, leading to faster development, and thus time saved. And we know what they the say about time and money. The ways in which he worked with me were quite subtle. Probably exactly what I needed, to be honest. Nothing flashy. Even disconcertingly so at times. But it all serves to build momentum, essentially like filling a reservoir, only waiting for the dam to break. I suspect I speak for many of Pat’s clients by saying that he will help you come to terms with yourself. Though what I initially came to Pat for hasn’t materialised yet, it clearly is only a matter of time at this point. This I am ultimately certain of now, even if coming to terms with that, too, is difficult at times. ;)”