“Working with Pat has forever changed my life. Before working with him, I spent years reading books on dating, NLP, PUA, etc. I followed experts across the Twitter manosphere, often cherry-picking advice that seemed useful. And although I was making progress on the surface, I knew that I needed something more fundamental. I needed to …

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“I did coaching with Pat both one on one and in his group class, and it was the best coaching experience I have ever had! Before meeting Pat, I had received dating coaching from other dating coaches. Having grown up in a conservative immigrant family, I never dated anyone until college and even then, I …

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“Had a chance to work with Pat’s boot camp this past July. I had been working with Pat with his coaching over the past year and he had been helping me out overcoming my fears and deeply ingrained negative mindsets in regards to dating (well some of us need a little help here). Anyway, even …

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“As a young adult, I figured that if I nailed everything in my life then awesome girls would fall into my lap, so that’s what I set out to do. I got into great shape, cultivated fantastic relationships with my friends and family, and pursued a satisfying and lucrative career. Unfortunately, my confidence in dating …

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“When it came to dating, I was able to have some initial success (sometimes), but it would always peter out after a certain point early on. I was either missing something or doing something wrong. After I had stumbled my way across various blogs and forums of lukewarm advice, I found Pat on Twitter. I …

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“Just wanted to update you. Things are going great with this girl, and it looks like I’ll be proposing soon. Your material, and our coaching call, really helped clear some things up for me. And kept me centered on how I approached everything with her. I found a great woman, and you helped me build …

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“In a world of toxic people and bad dating advice, Pat Stedman helped me crack the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced and through some of the toughest times to find my true north. It’s easy to get lost in this world, looking for love, a life partner, and finding your way. I went through some …

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“I was lucky enough to discover Pat in my 30’s via Twitter after reading some of his insights. I was drawn to his work and the depth to which he understood, and could explain nuanced and complex relationship issues. I had never struggled to meet or date great women but had come to realize that …

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“It is not easy to be the man you are called to be. Pat Stedman knows the sacrifices required towards that end and he knows where that gets with women, better than anyone I’ve ever seen. If your search for more led you to this testimony and if you are on the fence about working …

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“Game-changing experience. Everyone close to me says I am different (in a good way). All I can say is that we are capable of changing far faster than we think we are. My dating life is better. My family life is better. My business is better. Thank you, Pat.” Will B