soul connection

Why It Is Different With Her

There are some subjects you are just not supposed to talk about when it comes to attraction. Discussion of techniques is expected. The need to calibrate your behavior based on context, encouraged. The role of intuition, begrudgingly acknowledged — though not much understood. Most people assume, to the extent “intuition” in an interaction with a […]

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The Male Conquest of Women

Had a conversation with a client the other day that reminded me there’s a topic I haven’t much addressed. We’ve talked before about the romance process, and how it’s the man who pursues the woman. And how it’s a woman’s prerogative to put breaks on that process — to create obstacles, to say “not yet.”

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What’s In A Soulmate?

Some guy tweeted something very strange the other day, that I felt compelled to respond to: Pretty straightforward, right? If you aren’t attracted to someone, they aren’t your soulmate. Because (outside of the UK/Australia, ha) your MATE is someone you sleep with. And why would you be sleeping with someone you weren’t attracted to? So

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