Masculinity and Tension

A new year, a new manosphere motif. First it was cold showers, then black coffee and rare steaks. Now the current fad among the gentlemen on Twitter seems to be semen retention. The idea going around is that “holding it in” isn’t simply good from a health standpoint (there are a lot of nutrients in …

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What Is The Purpose of Monogamy?

So the other day I put out a thread on monogamy on Twitter. And received the following question in response: “interesting ideas… could you expand on the leveraging of libido among others’ point? And what you mean by ‘exploring their shadows’ — what does this actually entail a person doing? I get the idea but don’t …

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Why Opposites Attract

A common adage in the dating scene is “opposites attract, but they don’t stay together” There’s a lot of truth to this expression. “Opposite” personalities are generally incompatible… they interact with the world in different ways. So while relationships are possible, they aren’t natural. And yet, such people often get together. What gives? Nothing too crazy, …

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