Pat Stedman, King Of Gossip?

Some of my most popular emails have basically been analyzing gossip. Whether it’s celebrity news or just something I saw on Twitter, it’s a ton of fun to analyze a situation and draw conclusions based on rules of human nature.  The thing is, gossip is normally a very low-vibration pursuit. So why do I do […]

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Should You Move In With Her?

When I was a little kid, one of my favorite games was playing with toy guns outside. Maybe I’d be in WW2, or maybe on some alien planet. But my best friend and I would turn my quarter acre backyard into a vast imaginary landscape, replete with machine gun nests, enemy bases, and sniper dugouts.

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How To Call Out Bad Behavior Without Seeming Controlling

One of the biggest difficulties guys have in dating isn’t understanding ideas around attraction conceptually. It’s calibrating them effectively in practice. Which is why I wanted to highlight two tweets from the great Nash I saw on Twitter recently: These are masterful examples of how to handle two of the biggest “disrespectful” behaviors guys encounter

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The Power of Expressiveness

Recently had a tweet go viral about a girl getting some street food: It’s funny what gets attention and what doesn’t. This was a throwaway comment, but apparently the last thing you want to do today is come between a western woman and her psychiatric medication. YetI stand by what I said about more and

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Why Adults Have No Friends

A reader writes in: I’m nearing the end of grad school and took some time to isolate and think, take inventory. I realized I’ve become miserable to the fact that I have no social circle anymore. In high school I was in the football team, in college I made new friends at the boxing gym

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Mommy Issues Or Daddy Issues?

Really interesting tweet came up the other day covering a subject I don’t believe I’ve touched upon in detail. So what is the difference between a woman with mommy issues instead of daddy issues? Most guys know about girls with “daddy issues.” They either didn’t get enough attention, or didn’t get enough boundaries, so they act out.

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Do You Like To Be Deceived?

Last Sunday was Latin Easter. And now that I have kids, I have the privilege of directing an easter egg hunt. My daughter is just over 2, and while this is her third “hunt” technically, this is the first year she’s really gotten into it. We spent a solid 20 minutes searching for eggs around

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