Beyond hilarious comment to a quasi pick-up video that made the rounds:

Obviously the guy spewing this retardation doesn’t really believe what he is saying. He only said it to come across as alpha (why he has such high standards). Eva Green in her prime was probably “a 7 at best” — because he knows from personal experience what a 9 is like I’m sure!

Of course, none of these guys ever show their face. Not that I have issues with anonymity, unlike Jordan Peterson (who is embarrassing himself on a daily basis now with his hypocrisy and lack of emotional control). But the point is that you should use anonymity to speak truth that is dangerous to be spoken otherwise, not to present yourself as something greater than you actually are. One use is noble and the other pathetic.

But I digress. You guys don’t care about dumb internet comments do you? No, you care about platinum-tier dating and relationship advice. That is why you are on this very bespoke and exclusive list.

So let’s go into it. Because there is something very important to be gleaned from the clip itself.

Obviously, the woman (a solid 7+ depending on preference) is enamored by Jeremy Fragrance (a 9 minimum). But what exactly is the reason why?

No doubt Jeremy has good game: he’s smooth and confident, great cocky smirk yet is complimentary, and has a natural push-pull to his body language. Notice how he leans into her, and then pulls back? Notice his body’s angling? He does not approach her face-to-face, which allows him to get close to her without creating too much pressure. I don’t see any errors here; if his game were to bed her (it’s not, which helps — he’s playing with “house money”)… he likely would.

Nevertheless I’m going to say something both game purists and many of you “jaded gentlemen” might not like.

The reason Jeremy makes this look easy is because he is incredibly handsome (and potentially famous to her).

Again, it’s not to say his game is bad or anything — it’s quite good. I expect he would be able to get her interested even if he were less genetically gifted.

But it wouldn’t happen so quickly or so seamlessly. There would be more resistance, more hesitation. It wouldn’t be automatically this star-struck “I hope he never stops talking to me” response that you see from her.

Only extremely good looks and fame are capable of generating that sort of response in that amount of time. Game alone can create that response too, but in the absence of such passive value it is more of a gradual process to get there. You will have more hurdles (her built-in perception that you are lower-value) to overcome.

I make this point not to dissuade anybody from game, or to make some black-pill looksmaxxing garbage that women will only ever sleep with a “10.” Quite the opposite actually.

I simply want to break down the roles of these various pillars of attraction, and to underline that looks DO matter tremendously with women — but even more importantly — that the real magic happens only when you combine these pillars together.

If Jeremy did not have good game, the woman still would have lit up when he initially spoke to her. But her interest would have faded when he started acting awkward. Her body language would have changed; even if she decided to meet up with him later, her perception of him would be completely different.

Yes, he would still probably get a first date. That’s what you get when you are extremely handsome and simply show up. But if the date was meh, she’d probably split afterwords (100% if date #2 panned out the same way). If the date was “good enough,” however, she’d probably do most of the escalation towards sex. But then would ghost him if he tried to get a date #3. He would be a “hot guy notch” for her; she didn’t really like him.

Maybe this does sound like a blackpill to you non-models out there, but that’s only because you’re not thinking this through properly. In neither of these scenarios is the guy getting what he really wants from a woman. He is getting used by an attractive (but still beneath him) woman for her own purposes. He is dating down… and not succeeding at it.

Yes, he has advantages to average-looking men, but he’s still not really happyI’ve worked with TONS of guys like this and even know some in real life. They need GAME if they want their ambitions with women to be realized.

Because it is only the STACKING of attractive attributes that allows success with women to occur seamlessly.

This is why I have no patience for purists who spout off nonsense like “you only need game” or “looks are everything” or “women are only attracted to money.”

NO, they are attracted to ALL of those things — and they are REALLY attracted to men who have more than one of them. The more you can bring to the table, the more success with women you will have.

This is why delinquency in one area of attraction needs to not only be mitigated, but compensated for in others. You need to COMPOUND areas of attraction as much as you can.

Which is actually why you might NOT want to work with me… yet.

Look, I am happy to focus on women with you if that’s what your priority is.

But the truth is, if you’re fat and can barely provide for yourself, your focus on women is misplaced.

Don’t get me wrong… there are broke boys and out of shape dudes who get girls all the time. It’s hardly impossible.

But remember these guys have a natural acumen with women. You presumably do not. So if you’re struggling with girls on top of all of this, I would reprioritize. Not only because no money means you’re probably hard pressed to afford me anyway, but because these deficiencies make things much harder. You will have more objections with women to overcome. Why put yourself through them?

Indeed, I’d even argue women are a DISTRACTION for you if this is where you’re at. Because you are neglecting key aspects of self-love (self-care and self-provisioning) in exchange for the attention of women.

Once you lose some weight and get your finances in order though?

Totally different story.

Now women are the missing piece — the barrier to satisfaction in life. And you have the resources and advantages to make conquering this area of your life a synch with the right help.

But what if you’re on your way there, but don’t quite have a few thousand to spare yet?

There is a hundred-something dollar compromise:

My Masterclass.

No, the masterclass is NOT a full replacement for coaching.

There is no replacement for jumping on the phone with me and giving me free rein to pick apart your emotional blindspots and shift awareness about your encounters with women.

But the masterclass *is* the encyclopedia of my core work. All my clients reference it. And I continue to update it as time goes on (there is a BIG update slated for next year).

Each update the price goes up, but all updates are free to prior purchasers of the masterclass.

And most importantly: all masterclass purchases are deducted directly from coaching.

So you can look at the masterclass as a “down payment” on our future time together. Even if now isn’t right.

Finally, you get access to an exclusive telegram group too to ask questions should anything come up either with the course or if you want some feedback on a recent experience.

AND I give quarterly 15 minute calls to masterclass purchasers.

Is that sufficient shilling for you?

I suppose that’s enough… for today.

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Talk soon,

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