A reader wrote in the other day with a very interesting question:

“Can you speak of the role of prostitutes… I visited one after a break up. They can be the most lovely women around… I didn’t have sex, only chatted.

Why don’t beta males do it, will give them an experience in their manhood journey”

Well, first off I want to say I appreciate his vulnerability.

Most would not be willing to bring up their experiences with prostitution.

Moreover it’s a good question… one I had been considering even before he asked me… as it’s a common “coming of age” theme in old literature.

Why shouldn’t a man simply see someone who would “show them the ropes,” make him feel comfortable in intimate situations with women?

Honestly, I’m not going to say it’s always a bad decision.

I’m sure that these women can help guys to become more aware of a woman’s body, of interacting with women — it’s a “safe space” where lessons can be learned.

But I still don’t think it’s the best approach.

One of the big problems men experience with women is that they have a problem generating authentic attraction.

And so while I’m sure many prostitutes are pleasant while “on the clock,” you do NOT want to get into the habit of paying for a woman’s ear and her body.

A good escort is paid to KNOW how to game guys… because that is what convinces them to give up their money.

So while it may be a nice transient experience for “betas,” for many it can become a crutch. An excuse not to go out there and learn how to attract women on their own… and something that can teach them the wrong aspects of female psychology.

Anyway, I don’t recommend… but I don’t judge either. Just be careful.

Better in my opinion to find yourself an older woman who is happy to “mentor” you in the ways of lovemaking.

(This is how seducers have been made for centuries)

Or best yet?

Learn how from someone who understands female psychology so you can attract these women automatically.

The truth is that you live next to a “river” of beautiful women. They’re teeming everywhere.

You shouldn’t be going hungry.

So while you can go to the market and pay for fish, I recommend you learn how to fish instead.

In the short term it will require some investment of time and money.

But in the long term, you will save BIG time.

And you will gain what all men want:


Because wherever you go, you will never go hungry.

(And remember: the best food is always the one you caught yourself…)

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– Pat