We’ve got another great guest post from Dr. Laura Dabney today.

For those who missed the last one, a little background – Dr. Laura runs a Life Coaching practice for men, and for over the past 10+ years has helped countless guys level up their love lives, find meaningful careers, and overall improve their relationship with themselves.

You can learn more about Dr. Laura here: https://lauradabney.com/

And now… let’s hear what Dr. Laura has to say:


Setting boundaries in a relatively new relationship is very important– especially in 2019. Nowadays there is so much going on, in order for a relationship to successfully evolve from the dating stage into something more serious, being clear on your boundaries and expectations is crucial.

But, I get it… it’s not always super simple establishing boundaries with the cute girl you’ve been on a couple of dates with. Is it too soon? Will I cause some disagreement? Is it too mean?

These are questions you’re probably wondering right now. Well I’m here to tell you, establishing boundaries is not about limiting interaction or setting strict rules. It is about addressing your needs as an individual to better serve your partner. In case you are still hesitant, here are three reasons why establishing boundaries in a new relationship is key.

1. It Shows Respect and Consideration

Boundaries are a great way of communicating respect and consideration. It means that instead of trying to impose you wants and needs, you are being considerate and mindful of theirs. You want to learn about who they are, what their non-negotiables are, while at the same time sharing yours. It doesn’t have to be a super serious conversation, but sprinkling it in here and there when it’s appropriate is advised. 

2. Give Them (and Yourself) Time and Space

 No matter how much you are into your new fling, they will eventually need to let her know something she’s doing doesn’t work for you. There is a tendency to think that agreeing with everything she does is being “nice.” Not only is this a form of lying, the resentment that builds up is a threat to your future relationship. Resentment does not go away with time, it eventually builds and blows. In today’s day and age, we have a thousand things going on at once, don’t neglect your own well-being for the sake of any relationship– it will backfire. Trust me.

3. Individuality

When we get into a relationship, we often want to dedicate all of our time and energy into it. It’s more common, than not, to get lost in being a couple so we forget about being an individual with wants and needs. Don’t get me wrong, commitment and attention definitely strengthen a relationship, but make sure you are also giving yourself time to reflect on what is working for you and what isn’t. In other words, cater to yourself. If you’re not happy, how do you expect to make others happy?

Being mindful of the fact that you are a separate individual from your partner is key to a thriving relationship. Remember, you are strong individually and even stronger together!

To your emotional health,

Dr. Laura Dabney

Well there you have it gents. To explore more about Dr. Laura Dabney and her practice, go here: https://lauradabney.com/what-we-do/