I’m writing my book at the moment and don’t have much time for emails, but this topic has been coming up a lot with clients… so I’m going to cut right to the chase.

As I wrote about long ago, money does NOT generally create desire for women. It creates comfort. Gorgeous women bang dudes who are DEAD BROKE all the time. If you think you need money to get a woman into you, there is something seriously wrong with your understanding about how women work.

This doesn’t mean, however, that money isn’t important in attraction. Comfort amplifies desire. If the guy who was dead broke yet got girls was well-off financially, the woman would likely be head over heels for him (rather than just stopping by for a hook up). Comfort in the financial realm matters especially more as you are older; more mature men are expected to be more secure in their resources; conversely, it’s almost irrelevant for guys in their early 20s.

Women want a man to have a decent income for two reasons: lifestyle and security. These are subjective for a woman’s own class expectations and taste, but the point is that you have enough money so that your kids will get a good eduction / won’t starve, and you will be able to do nice things on occasion.

For most men, this is where the conversation about money ends with attraction. More is of course better than less, but returns after a certain point of comfort (low-multiple 6 figures) are marginal.

And yet, money actually can create desire under some circumstances. The only catch?

You have to have A LOT of it.

The reason for this is simple.

When you get to a certain amount of money, money is not money — it’s power.

If you can snap your fingers and take a woman on a private jet to a luxury island, you aren’t simply providing her with comfort, or even an incredible experience. What you are doing is showing that nothing is out of bounds for you. You are basically conveying a god-on-earth sort of quality: instant manifestation of anything you’d like.

And make no mistake, this is incredibly hot to women. You are not only powerful, but you are giving them everything they need to relax into their feminine. They will want to have sex with you pretty much on the spot.

All this is putting aside the fact that huge amounts of money also tend to come with elite connections, which amplifies status (and gives access to exclusive experiences)— another huge factor in desire.

So yes, money can definitely be a panty-dropper.

But most of you are looking at a big barrier to entry to get there.

How much?

Depends in large part on whether you arbitrage your wealth. Being a simple millionaire (liquid) in South America may get you results like this with beautiful women, because you are so far ahead of most competition. In Western Europe, however, you might need 5x more to compete. Don’t hold me to strict numbers here.

But overall, I would say 5 million liquid is probably a reasonable number where you start having the ability to give these kind of experiences to women. But you might need as much as 10-20 million liquid before it becomes something you can truly not think about.

So that’s an option for you to become more attractive to women. Be filthy rich: just stay in decent shape, and simply have some basic level of game / grounding. You’ll clean up with girls who look like models.

But what if you don’t have that kind of money?

Good news:

My masterclass — which will teach you everything you need to succeed with women — costs less than a dinner for two at a Michelin star restaurant in NYC. That’s quite the ROI, especially when you’d need a lot more than a dinner to sufficiently impress upon a woman your financial power.

Rather than buy desire for a night, you can buy insight how to attract gorgeous women and keep them interested in you, regardless of how wealthy you are.

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– Pat