Some of my most popular emails have basically been analyzing gossip.

Whether it’s celebrity news or just something I saw on Twitter, it’s a ton of fun to analyze a situation and draw conclusions based on rules of human nature. 

The thing is, gossip is normally a very low-vibration pursuit. So why do I do it? 

Well, the thing is… I don’t know you.

So unless I’m going to make up whole stories and tell them to you in an email, I need to find some common ground. 

Rather than making up fictional stories, I can draw from real life and use the shared context to teach you how I look at these situations.

Plus, by understanding what’s going on in your cultural surroundings, you’ll be able to better understand what’s going on in your immediate surroundings.

Put differently, gossip helps you understand programming. 

And if you don’t understand the programming, you won’t be able to protect yourself from its insidious effects. 

Case and point, when you’re getting into a relationship, you NEED to know how to vet a woman. 

And even for the guys who are already in a relationship, you’ve got to make sure you are compatible if you’re going to keep progressing with your woman.

One big factor to consider is her reaction to cultural programming and how much that affects your ability to form a healthy relationship together. 

It is very unlikely you will meet a woman who is a perfect fit.

Instead, you’ll be playing in the gray zones of figuring out which women will evolve to fit you better and which ones you need to cut loose. 

This is what vetting is all about. 

As you gain a deeper understanding of relationships and dating, you’re going to notice something about women: 

They are drawn to what people think is cool. 

Culture has a programming effect and you need to know the programming you are subject to so you can deprogram yourself and eventually help your woman do the same. 

This is where trust is born.

If you can’t trust a woman, you can’t build with her. Maybe she’ll cheat or maybe she’ll just take advantage of you every time you try to express yourself naturally.

But there’s a lot more to it. 

Do you know how to vet femininity? Views? Values? IQ? Psychological compatibility?

Do you know the non-cope reason top-tier hot girls are a hassle?

Do you know when to compromise and when to walk away?

These are all things I talk about in my Vetting Women video. It’s an integral part of Module 2 and will help you *get* female nature as it pertains to compatibility with you. 

But more than any 12 TIPS FOR TIME MANAGEMENT FROM BILLIONAIRE CEOS listicle, proper vetting will save you from wasting years of your life with the wrong woman.

A lot of women are looking for a guy who will give them a sense of direction in life. I use gossip to help unpack society’s programming so you can find the right woman, become a good leader, and act in accordance with your higher goals. 

If you can’t see the programming, but wish you could, my Masterclass will help you build this discernment in a hurry. 

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