Much ado is made about female behavior these days; specifically how so many women are promiscuous.

But what isn’t really talked about is why this happens.

Obviously culture plays a role. Women are encouraged to “be free” and “not worry about being tied down” by the entertainment industry. And the historical behavior-police of young women — their mothers and grandmothers — are more often than not brainwashed themselves. Given that women are social creatures, and they are not shamed (or are even encouraged) to sleep around, what’s stopping them from doing it?

Not much, I suppose. But nevertheless there is cause for hope: despite all of these incentives, most women still don’t actually want to sleep around. A young girl doesn’t dream of being a whore. She dreams of the cool guy wanting her; sweeping her off her feet. She dreams of love.

Only when love is lost does she turn to the next best thing: power. And since sex is a woman’s primary source of power, it becomes what she seeks when her heart is broken.

In layman’s terms, the inference is simple:

Women only become sluts once their heart is broken. Promiscuity is an escape. It is a response to pain. It is an attempt to feel whole again, to regain control, to get revenge, to distract. But it is not something a woman organically wants to experience.

I know this sounds naive to some of you. Interestingly, this is a view both the red pill and feminists seem to have (go figure). “Female sexuality has been kept in a cage, what women crave is to not be boxed in and to live out their fantasies.” There is of course truth to this, but as time has gone on I’ve come to question just how much.

The most promiscuous women all have in common one tragic variable: sexual abuse. It’s not always violent, but it’s enough. Someone they trusted touched them inappropriately, or maybe went even further. A sexual circuit is created that is connected to shame and self-loathing. They spend the rest of their life living it out, either replaying the role of victim, or regaining their power back through seizing sexual control.

Even your garden variety woman, however, tends to have her “slut phase” after a break up. Not before. And the more jaded she is from the romance, the more of slut she tends to become.

I’ve heard it described from one woman as such:

“I lost my virginity to him, and then it ended. I was so pissed. All that, and it was just wasted. So I figured who cares at this point? What exactly am I trying to protect now?”

Clutter finds messy rooms. There is no point trying to keep pristine something already spoiled. Or at least, that is the “logic” many women fall into after they’ve crossed the sexual threshold with a man, and things fell apart.

Many will argue this is why women in particular need to wait until marriage for sex. And honestly, when you look at it through this lens, it’s hard to disagree.

But there’s another variable here that can’t be disregarded: it’s very often the women themselves that end these relationships. Heartbreak and disillusion is not necessarily exclusive to them being on the receiving end. Love that didn’t meet expectations can similarly jade a woman.

So what can you really do with this information?

I don’t know. I’m sure many of you will take it and leave it with a shrug.

But for me it’s created a lot more compassion for women.

Because most of them really are unhappy with the way things are right now. They regret being promiscuous, or at least acknowledge it was meaningless to them.

They acted because they were in pain. Because they felt powerless. And because nobody was around to help them deal with that pain in a more healthy way.

I know many men are hurting from their own experiences. And the pain of these experiences is something we also need to acknowledge.

But it’s important to remember the “war of the sexes” is propaganda at its core. Men and women are BOTH losing in the current climate. Do not think for a second just because women are able to have sex easily (a pain point for men) that it makes women somehow less affected.

Their objectives are different than yours. Indeed, the current climate is in some ways worse for women, as it has convinced them to devalue their main gifts. The result is women get tricked into letting men use them, keeping them from getting the love they so desperately want.

Anyway, enough said for today.

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– Pat