As most of you know, I am a big proponent of social circle game.

There are a lot of reasons for this.

You end up meeting more “pre-vetted” women, as most of the girls that enter your universe are friends of friends. This improves quality; there is a greater likelihood of shared values.

But even beyond values, the big benefit of meeting women through your social circle — especially if you have a good reputation, and are a social nexus — is that it is so much easier to attract them. Girls are automatically interested, and because you are “known” to people she knows, you have a lot less work to do building trust. Desire and comfort are *both* preloaded.

Yet while social circle is powerful, there is an even greater niche within “social circle game” where the women are often attractive (maybe out of your league?) and so hooked onto you from the outset it’s like shooting fish in the barrel…

Dating the friends of younger sisters and cousins.

Bet you weren’t expecting me to say that, were you?

But this “lindy” approach to dating is nuclear in its effectiveness.

First, all the stuff in general social circle game about being “pre-vetted” is even more true. Because you are her friend’s family. If her and your sister are “like sisters” then why not marry you to consummate that bond? You are ideal marriage material. Or at least a safe, secure person to hook up with.

So structurally, you have massive advantages even if you suck with women.

But there’s even more than this going on in your favor.

Likely, you have a teasing dynamic with your younger sister/cousin. There is a built in “playful dominance” you have with her, based on age and natural hierarchy.

This dynamic gets transferred over to her friends. Women take their social cues from other women. They view you through the lens of their friend (your sister/cousin). But since there is no “blood barrier,” this dynamic begins to develop into attraction.

(This is why one of the most simple, effective adages in game is “treat her like your bratty little sister.” There’s a big overlap in the energy!)

And so inadvertently, you may begin to “have game” aka be more attractive around your sister/cousin’s friends simply because of the transfer in dynamics.

Now that we have that all sorted, however…

All the above DOESN’T mean you CAN’T screw this up.

If you have an awkward dynamic with your own sister, and you’re viewed as strange then THAT will get transferred over, and you may even be at a disadvantage with her friends.

It’s ALL about how your family member already perceives you.

The moral of the story?

Bully your little sister or cousin if you want to get good with women.

(Just kidding)

But definitely get into the habit of teasing female family members. Because not only will it make those family members’ friends throw themselves at you in the future… but it will help you tap into an energy that is naturally both playful, assertive, and trustworthy to women in general.

Anyway, just a tip.

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– Pat