I worked with Pat over the course of two years. I had reached the end of a 15 year chapter in my life and was ready to move forward. I thought I was ready to move into a relationship.

I was wrong. So very wrong.

As I worked with Pat, my dating life improved. I went from being single all the time to being in a relationship all the time. But I still struggled. I would get into relationships and would immediately sabotage them and myself. They never lasted longer than a few months.

Something was off.

Pat’s advice was rarely concrete. It was always couched in terms that were esoteric and frequently mysterious. That frustrated me. I had been reading about “Game” and “The Red Pill” for years. I wanted concrete advice; “actionable” as they call it.

I started to wonder if there was any way out.

My frustration was that Pat’s goal isn’t to teach you how to get laid (although that may be part of your path), or to make you into a master player (that might happen too). His goal is so much bigger than that.

Until now, looking back, couldn’t see what was happening.

His goal is to point you towards transcendence; to transcend your needs and wants; to transcend yourself. It makes no sense at first. It sounds strange. . . and sometimes it seems pointless.

But once you see the way up the mountain, you can’t unsee it. He can’t climb it for you. That is a choice you have to make for yourself, and it is a hard one.

But that choice changes everything.

Since working with him my relationships have improved, and my struggles with women are fading. I find myself more comfortable around women every day. But even more than that, I am changing. I see differently. I am different.

The world is a different place, and I am a different man.

That is because I am climbing now. I’m not waiting for anyone to come with me to the top. The climb is worth it whether I am alone or not. . . and I am not alone. People notice. Women notice.

There is a way out, and that way is up.

When I needed it Pat was there on the mountainside ready to show me the path. I just had to take it.