My good friend Hutt had quite the observation the other day:

Makes you wonder why no one talks about this. Because it’s one of the more common phenomena among women.

Women — with very few exceptions — go along with what the dominant social influence in their lives is. For most women, that’s mainstream culture; they are bombarded by it through entertainment and media. The only women who tend to “resist” this are women who have a strong family / community culture to counterbalance it.

But at the end of the day, in private, women are going to obey their sexual / romantic impulses. “Men suck” — until an attractive man comes along. Then they quietly “cash out” and move on from the social signaling.

Those who don’t pick up on the fact that all the talk was just to “fit in” end up alone and bitter. They didn’t realize “girl power” wasn’t a real thing — consciously or not, the whole time they were competing.

The point is whatever lip service to this or that cause they pay… women play social games, and don’t have much conviction in what they are saying — particularly when they are young.

And the implications extend far beyond these inter-female rivalries outlined above.

For instance, one of the big issues most men have with women today is that most women are self-ascribed feminists.

But is this really as true as it seems?

First, remember that “feminist” means different things to different women. Many women claim to be a feminist, but all they really want is equal opportunity and treatment. Most of these women are only actively “feminist” insofar as they have been psyopped into believing there is still some systemic discrimination against women — even though in 2021 if anything the opposite is true. “Man-hating” feminists may be amplified by the media, but they are a minority, even today.

But even if a woman is a feminist, how much of it is deeply held vs simply another form of signaling?

You need to discriminate between which women are deep in the propaganda out of their own trauma and hate, and which are simply going along because it’s what a girl in the 21st century is supposed to say.

You need to read a woman’s energy and figure out which is which. Because this latter group a) tends to drop all these pretenses when she wants an attractive man who’s opposed to them, and b) will not in practice act-out these “values” anyway.

Indeed, it’s a funny irony that most of the true spiritual feminists are in fact anti-feminist conservatives. They are much more independent, aggressive, and in their masculine than your garden-variety girl whose inherent feminine nature has her just go-with-the-flow.

The point of all this is to understand that feminine girls are like clay, and at the end of the day it’s your job to mold your woman and set the course for the relationship.

It is your strength and conviction that shapes a woman’s self-image and values. It is a man who structures a woman, and ultimately shows her how to hold structure herself. Which is why it’s a known fact that a woman’s emotional health — especially in the romantic arena — is directly correlated to her relationship with her father.

So do not be deterred by the ideological parroting endemic among young women today. Most of it is ephemeral. Most women just need a guy who is attractive enough to pull her in, and then strong enough to say no to the bullshit and direct her out of the abyss.

No, this is not a call for you to jump on grenades. A lot of these women have experienced too much trauma at the hands of family and society. Most are unfortunately lost, or have too far to go with their healing to make it worthwhile for you.

But most are just followers, and will make it. So long as you make it first.

The question is: how do you become that type of man? And figure out which women can be saved, and which can’t?

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