We all know it’s true: women can be difficult to get out.

Whether it’s online or in person, meeting women feels like somewhat of a numbers game. A lot of them waste our time, evading dates while farming out attention… or “agreeing” to a date, only to flake.

And yet, not all women do this. Some are very receptive — they’ll give you their number, and respond enthusiastically to your date suggestion. And if the date goes well, they might even follow up on their own.

What gives?

Well, of course your own “value” plays a role in this. Are you tall, rich, and handsome…with a healthy dose of charm? Probably more girls will say yes to your advances.

And yes, the girl herself matters as well. Women with trauma may be clingy or evasive, depending on how they process this attachment-anxiety… whereas healthy girls are more likely to communicate clearly and not play games.

But all girls — regardless of their emotional damage, and regardless of your objective attractiveness — are more receptive under one context:

When they are “new” in town.

I can’t really understate the importance of this. Women who are in a new location are extremely receptive to your advances. This is true whether she’s visiting (hook up) or relocated (relationship).

She is going to be very open to dating as well as escalating. The combination of anonymity and loneliness — lacking a support group — triggers something visceral in women. They want a man, and under this expediency, the pickiness and inflated ego you often see in the modern era temporary disappears.

It’s a major reason why girls are much more “open” during freshman orientation in college. It’s not just a matter of a new, exciting environment and the social mirroring… they do not have a social group or a man, and so they let down their guard.

Unfortunately, mentioning all of this might come across to some as “creepy.” “How to get a girl easily? Meet her when she’s most vulnerable!”

And yet this is all really simply an observation of female behavior — what you do with it depends on your intent. It need not be nefarious.

Most gorgeous, good girls are taken off the market quickly, as a lot of them only enter the market when they’ve relocated to a new place. These girls often make excellent girlfriends, but the window of opportunity to get them (without trying to break up a relationship) is brief. So it’s important to consider the above — these women will often be taken within 3 months (if not 3 weeks) of moving to a new location.

Which brings us to the final question on this topic. Where do you find these “new” girls?

Well of course, you can find them anywhere. Maybe they just joined your company. Maybe they just your hobby or sports league. Girls who pick up a new activity, even if they’ve lived in the same location for awhile, have some of this “new girl” energy. Especially as women will often take up new activities because they are newly single.

Indeed, you can even find them online. These girls generally last 2 weeks before burning out / meeting someone, but there’s value in restricting your matches to new accounts. They are healthiest and most responsive women you’ll meet online, and they don’t last there for a reason — so you gotta grab them quick.

But the main way to meet these women is to simply keep an eye out for them as you go about your life. Is she alone at the bar? New at some activity?

Go talk to her.

Because your odds are good that she is. And that she will be open to your advances.

Anyway, just one little “dating strategy” to consider.

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– Pat