Weird but excellent topic came to my attention from my amazing friend @adotwill the other day.

Good question. What is with this modern phenomenon of guys wanting to show off their “hot wife?”

Now… I’ll be frank, I haven’t seen the above that much. It’s very over the top. So much so that I’d surmise there’s a chance (maybe 25%) of actually “cucking” is going on.

You might ask, “why so low?”

Because my guess is that it’s mostly his fantasy, not hers. If she’s had health issues and has low confidence about how she looks, she’s not spearheading the action. He may have pushed it, and she may have said yes. But it’s not so clear she’s fully onboard with the whole thing.

The chance of him having that fantasy and looking at “hot wife” and “cuckold” porn however is probably 100%.

Which brings us to the real question here… what exactly is going on? Is it as simple as porn warping guys’ brains?

Not exactly. Porn is no doubt psychological propaganda, and humiliates men — especially this genre.

But you have to ask which came first, the chicken or the egg.

The truth is that men today are EXTREMELY traumatized and have low self-esteem.

And so while porn furthers this, and may in some cases even cause it through “shock imagery”…

(aka a guy was looking at something more vanilla, but a video comes up and shocks him, creating more tension, ultimately “arousing” him further, which creates a mental circuit upon sexual release)

… porn ultimately preys upon feelings of inadequacy around women that already exist.

So my guess is, like his wife, this guy has low self-esteem — and wants other guys to fantasize about her because if they want her, it means he’s got a hot woman… and is valuable himself.

And you want to know one of the most common places this phenomenon exists?

The pick up world.

Indeed, get to the core of it… many of the serious PUAs aren’t in it out of genuine appreciation of women, but because they see women as a means to an end. The hotter and greater number of women they get, the more “alpha” they are.

Many of these guys avoid otherwise promising relationships if the woman “isn’t hot enough” — even if she is a solid 7 or 8 — as they NEED the validation of dating a “10.” Some of the super needy ones actually demand she is some recognized model or actress.

The irony of all of this?

Despite getting girls, these guys are firmly in feminine energy… because they are actually feeding off the woman’s need to feel desirable.

Which is why most of them don’t tend to stay in relationships for long — they act like little bitches, and women get sick of them.

Of course, this behavior gets a bit of a pass with PUAs, as it can come across as some sort of “conquest.” But it gets weird when guys start to do it about the women they’re committed to. Bragging about some “slag” is one thing, but your wife?

Best case scenario they are simply co-dependent and he does it to prop up her own self-image, so she feels better about herself in the bedroom. Rather than lead her through her troubles, and build up her confidence organically — he becomes a “nice guy” and butters her up, showing her off.

At any rate, I think you get the picture.

Guys who are traumatized act feminized.

And whether that feminization descends into simple “nice guy” behavior or straight up trying to get other girls to fuck your wife, is simply a matter of magnitude.

The answer?

Heal yourself and rediscover your masculinity.

Because when you’re confident in who you are as a man, you don’t need other men to validate your woman to feel good about yourself.

And more importantly, your woman will feel good about herself too… *without* you needing to show her off to strangers… since the confidence of being chosen by a man like you is enough to get her to surrender her sexuality.

Just be very careful about who you go to for advice.

There are a lot of guys who confuse masculinity with machismo.

They will act “alpha” but constantly need mommy’s reassurance.

A good heuristic is the more they talk about it, the less they embody it.

Because ultimately a man’s masculinity is something you FEEL.

As is whether or not YOU will be able to learn from that man.


If you need help healing and I resonate with you, apply here:

– Pat

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