Men don’t usually talk about plastic surgery. When they consider looks, it’s mostly in the category of fitness. If you have a “meh” feature, or if your face looks a bit weathered — if you’ve got muscle, you look like a man. You’re good.

But if there’s one cosmetic area guys tend to be particularly self-conscious of, it’s their hair.

Hair loss runs in most mens’ families. Sometimes it’s merely a light thinning or “widow’s peak” in the front. But often it’s a full on balding across the top of the head. These chickens come home to roost by their mid-40s — or even as early as their late 20s.

It’s a big piece of insecurity for guys, and it’s no surprise why.

Hair is part of a person’s identity. Many guys simply don’t feel like themselves without their hair; they feel less attractive. So what to do? With wigs well out of fashion, the options are sparse: fight the tide with products, saving as much hair as you can — or shave it off and admit defeat.

Many men choose the latter route — and for good reason. The only thing “worse” than a balding head is one with patchy hair. They rightly see this as looking sloppy and ridiculous. Better to own being bald — women don’t care anyway.

I respect this decision many men make. But I will be honest — I do not like being bald. I shaved my head years ago after my friend botched my haircut in South America… wasn’t a fan. And my wife isn’t either.

Unfortunately for me, however, baldness runs in my family… so I’ve been fighting the good fight for years.

Sadly, after years of a stable front, I started to lose a few months ago. I was beginning to consider hair transplants, all sorts of things. And I may yet do that in time.

But I don’t have to now, because of something pretty cool… which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

First, I want to talk about the traditional approach to hair loss — what it does and why it matters.

The First Defense Against Hair Loss: Finasteride

Known by it’s brand-name in the US as Propecia, finasteride was a drug initially used in a trial to deal with finicky prostates. Big pharma company Merck was thus very happily surprised when they learned this drug also caused patients hair to return — they had inadvertently discovered a multi-billion dollar moneymaker.

The only problem was that finasteride directly affected men’s endocrine system. Without going too much into the chemistry of this… finasteride blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydratestosterone), which is a key culprit in male-pattern baldness. This is good news if you’re trying to save your hair, but bad news for many men who liked feeling like men.

Independent studies have more or less reported close to half the men who take finasteride experience a lower sex drive; smaller but significant percentages experienced worse symptoms such as a depressed mood and focus, inability to get an erection, and testicular pain.

In rare cases some men would see their entire endocrine systems effectively shut down; they’d cease producing testosterone all-together, and experience described as “post-finasteride syndrome.” Some of these men would go into hypogonadism and see their genitals shrink and female sexual characteristics begin to develop.

Many claim these results are far-fetched — something not surprising when so many corporate funded studies have been put out to bury these widely reported results. However I don’t need to hear about whether this stuff is true or not as I experienced it second-hand.

After a former relationship, I felt like my hairline was receding — and I wanted to do something about it before I got back onto the market. So despite some hesitations, I decided to start using Propecia. After taking the first day’s pill I felt strange. After I took the second day’s, however, I began to experience significant testicular pain (so significant I was basically crying in the bathtub) and lost the ability to have an erection. This continued for about 2 weeks.

My doctor, who at the time was making a hefty profit off of the drug, denied this was possible and told me to “challenge myself” and “start taking the drug again” once the pain subsided. Yes, he really said that. At any rate I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t, as gradually the possible side effects of finasteride are becoming more well known (no doubt as the drug has become generic).

But make no mistake: finasteride works. You just need to ask yourself whether it’s worth risking the consequences. 60% of guys or so won’t experience any issues. Most of the rest will experience some sexual side effects (this was from an independent european study I can’t find anymore, it’s memory holed with big pharma search results – maybe you’ll have better luck). But a small percentage have serious problems… problems that in some cases last permanently, even after use of the drug. You’re rolling the dice.

The Second Defense Against Hair Loss: Minoxidil

After my experience with finasteride, I decided on a less radical approach: minoxidil, formerly known by it’s pharma name in the US as Rogaine.

Minoxidil, while technically having side effects (like all drugs) is fairly benign. It does not address hormonal sources of hair-loss like finasteride, however, and only attacks the symptoms. Minoxidil (as aerosol foam or oil; I used the foam) essentially stimulates blood flow in the area of the scalp where it is applied. This brings more nutrients to the hair, and slows the process of hair loss; saving existing follicles and even awakening dormant ones.

So minoxidil is in my opinion a solid approach to hair loss. And the good news about it is that since its generic, you can get a couple months supply for only $40-50.

The problem with minoxidil, however, is that it’s a chemical — your scalp and hair really don’t like it. When I used minoxidil, it slowed my hair loss, but the texture and quality of my hair deteriorated… until eventually it stopped working altogether.

Reflecting on minoxidil — and this is just my opinion after using it for about 3-4 years — it seems like it buys you some time but ultimately damages your hair and poisons the scalp area. By June this past year I saw hair falling out all the time; skin would regularly flake off my scalp. I knew I had to stop using it, but I didn’t know where to go next.

My Hair Loss Solution: Auxano Grow

I’ve been following Jay Campbell for awhile, and have been in some group chats with him — so I got a bit of an inside scoop as to some of the new products he’s been cooking up. And spoiler alert: one of them has to do with hair.

A little backstory on Jay for those who don’t know him: he’s a high-vibration, spiritual “truth-seeker” — which is how we connected. But he cut his cloth in our corner of the internet years back talking about TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and all sorts of health optimization.

Point is — Jay is always on the cutting edge with health tech, and one of the new things he’s been experimenting with has been a thing called “peptides” — specifically in this case, copper peptides.

Copper peptides have been known to bring blood flow to areas of the skin and scalp, and function effectively like minoxidil — without the negative side effects. They’re consequently being used in more and more cosmetics.

But the big thing added is stage 2 of his hair-regrowth formula, which makes it distinct from all other hair products out there… the application of Carbon-60 — an extremely cutting-edge cell and life extension compound.

As described from his website:

I recommend you peruse the site to do some of the research yourself. In all honesty I’m not big on making “affiliate content” sales letters like these, and dotting all the i’s and t’s when a Q&A is already written out.

I’m only doing any of this because:

  1. there should probably be some post on here addressing hair loss, as it’s relevant for guys and attraction
  2. my own experience with it was nothing short of mind blowing

(Watch: Why I’m Doing This Pitch)

I started using Auxano Grow — the name of the product — mid-July. I waited two months to make sure it wasn’t just placebo effect after the first few weeks.

Check out these before and after shots. My hair then and now is exactly the same time-frame between hair cuts.

As you can see, my hair is MUCH more even across the entire scalp. Patches are filled in, hair is much more healthy and fuller.

And most interestingly, my scalp issues have completely disappeared, and I experience minimal hair loss in the shower… 1-3 follicles now vs 10-12 early July.

I expect this growth to continue as more months go by and my scalp heals.

Indeed, you might even say my results are BELOW average — look at this guy’s after using for only ONE month:

How Should You Use Auxano Grow?

It’s pretty straightforward, you take 2-3 squirts of Serum A, wait 3-5 minutes, and then add 2-3 squirts of Serum B. I used 3 at first but it was too much, and have since dropped down usage to 2 with same effect.

(The containers are EXTREMELY sleek and easy to use and a huge selling point of the product.)

I use Auxano 1-2x each day; once in the morning, once in the evening. You should really do it 2x a day for at least the first 3 months, but I forget probably 2-3x each week. Take this into consideration with my results.

And also take into consideration that I drink alcohol — and not a light amount. This is stupid from a hair loss perspective, as alcohol blocks mineral absorption which can starve hair follicles, as they are de-prioritized in the body. And yet, my results with Auxano Grow are still substantial.

So much so that 3 weeks in and I decided I already liked what I saw and made a BIG purchase when Jay was having a flash sale.

My only recommendation? Make sure to wash your hands right after, especially after using Serum A or any GHK-Cu (copper peptide) products. Leaving it on my hands caused a mild rash.

Where To Get It (+ BONUS)

Full disclosure: I’ve been provided with an affiliate link here where I get 15% off, and a code where you get 15% off (Pat15)

(I believe this compounds with other sales ongoing with Auxano Grow)

So if you do decide to get it, I’d request you go through my link here.

Costs you nothing and helps me out.

But, of course, decide for yourself.

I really believe, however, this stuff is going to blow up… and recommend you get onboard before the prices change. It’s at a big discount right now ($199 per set of Serum A & B, which will last you 2-3 months)

And if you’re looking for some stuff for your skin, I also recommend Aesir’s face serum and cream — they have been a gamechanger for me, as I didn’t have a habit of skincare.

(Yes, the link and code – Pat15 – work for them too)

Buy the products here.

– Pat

PS I chatted with Jay all about this, so if you want to hear him describe the product and for me to talk more about my experience, watch this video: