As anyone who watches my periscopes knows, I enjoy my wine.

It’s a great joy to my life… the diversity of producers, terroir, vintage, varietal, etc. produces endless flavors, and each bottle is a new experience.

And yet, wine has its drawbacks… to the extent I am already cutting back on drinking it.

Wine is alcohol, and alcohol is something you must use wisely unless you want to see your life sucked away.

Alcohol, like opiates, has feminine energy. It provides to a man what a woman does — an escape from the burdens of the world, a release of energy, the allure of “letting go” and “being yourself.”

Barriers drop around alcohol, stress is temporarily released. Your muscles and your lips loosen up.

It’s arguably an essential drug for parties and debauchery, or should I say, bacchanalia. Once inhibitions drop, sex usually follows. Nearly every culture in the world has festivals whose implicit if not explicit intent is to encourage such activities… and copious alcohol is part and parcel of them.

But unless you are very moderate in your usage (1-2 glasses tops), I do not advise you to drink every day.

And here’s why:

Because alcohol is a “feminine” beverage, regular usage will gradually suck the life out of you, and mitigate your ability to show up as a man with your woman.

Anyone’s who’s had “drunk sex” knows it can be fun and hot… but these are “one offs,” and have as much to do with the experience of the evening (energy is being released by everyone, and this charges the experience) rather than the alcohol itself.

The truth is that the more you drink, the sloppier you get — guys who are getting buzzed every night are not performing well in bed, and are frankly not performing well in general.

They are escaping into a drink, and so they are depolarized around their woman. She does not “feel” a man in control leading… she sees a guy off his edge; even a fool.If she stays with him, she doesn’t desire him — even if he is otherwise productive in his day to day.

Cause she can see that regardless of how much life is inherently in him, he can’t contain it, and seeks the “death” that she is supposed to represent for him.

That said, there is something else I have to add to this — something that Sofia mentioned in a conversation today (an incredible voice of feminine spirituality not enough of you are aware of).

Men who struggle with alcohol — who drink to the point of regular inebriation, and who ultimately need to stop completely to gain control over their lives — have a common thread tying them together:

They are VERY disconnected from their feminine energy.

These guys are usually “manly men.” They are tough, direct… and at their best, focused on leadership and integrity.

But something I’ve pointed out obliquely in the past is that these men also tend to be TOO INTENSE.

They have a hard time relaxing, and are in many ways afraid of relaxation (a proxy for the fear of surrendering to the feminine). It’s work hard… and then work harder.

For them, alcohol is their way of tapping into this block in their unconscious.

But because of the conscious repression of this part of their mind, they lose control.

Something that dovetails nicely with what Adam said as well:

I mention all of this not to say “stop drinking.”

Rather, to pay attention.

If alcohol is a problem for you, there is a psychological reason for it.

You are trying to drown yourself in the feminine. And it’s worth wondering why this is the case.

Because if you don’t integrate it… you’ll always struggle to feel complete as a man.

(That said, I am not endorsing usage. Given the hormonal and energy depleting effects of the drug, there are very wise reasons to cut it out regardless. I’ve seen more lives improve from losing it than gaining it)

Anyway, you get the picture.

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– Pat