This might be a weird one for some of you, but after tweeting this out this morning, thought I’d elaborate:

As I get deeper and deeper into energy and intimacy, I’ve started to think more about what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a woman.

There is a polarity and duality that exists between them and a point of unity — a triangle of sorts, and at the top of this triangle is love.

This love is expressed in both the masculine and feminine in different ways.

For the masculine, it is fundamentally about alignment — truth.

For the feminine, it is fundamentally about acceptance — compassion.

An integrated man or woman has both of these energies, but a man is always held to the standard of truth, and the woman to the standard of compassion.

Which is why it is taken for granted that women on lower levels are liars, and men on lower levels will be callous… and why great women are virtuous and honest, and great men protect the vulnerable even if it means giving their life.

The woman opens herself to truth, at all costs — the man opens himself up to compassion, at all costs.

And yet, the bare minimum for a man demands he uphold truth in his dealings with others. Men ostracize untrustworthy men; there is no greater crime for a man to another man than to be a traitor. Men demand from other men solidity, because solidity is reliability which is little more than truth in action.

Leadership — the purview of men — is most effective when truth and compassion are combined. But a harsh leader is still a leader — truth is non-negotiable. A man with a poor relationship towards truth has no sense of direction, and will lead everyone under him to destruction.

Women have different demands on their own sex. Women are outcasted by their fellow women when they abandon their children, or cease in caring for others around them. A woman who is cold and inconsiderate is despised by other women; a woman who takes another’s man isn’t ruined because of her deceit, but because of her lack of empathy.

The whore is base like a man, as the swindler is capricious like a woman.

Nurturing — the purview of women — is likewise most empowering when compassion and truth are synthesized together. But a woman is allowed to smother her child with affection; spoiling is frowned upon, yet not considered a failing of a woman — better to offer too much love than too little.

You can thus see from all of this that it is not possible for a man or a woman to grow while staying in only one pole.

It’s a controversial idea, I know — one that I first introduced in the (must read) post I made last week.

But in order to grow out of your shadow, you must explore it.

The problem indeed with most men today is that they are depolarized, and not in touch with their masculinity.

But lessons learned from the feminine neither can be ignored or fully discarded.

Anyway, this is advanced stuff… I’ll be exploring it more in my masterclass and in my upcoming book.

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– Pat