Short and sweet content for you today.

In yesterday’s email we talked about the problems smart guys have with women.

The content revolved mostly around behavior and mindset.

However, there is another more “macro” piece to the puzzle that applies to many in the high-IQ category.

Their life is their work… and they don’t do anything fun with their time.

It’s always a tough conversation with some clients.

But the truth is that a lot of guys live BORING lives.

Sorry to say, but if you don’t do anything besides wake up and go to work, women are NOT going to want to be with you.

ESPECIALLY women who are attractive and interesting themselves.


If you want a woman to enter your life, you need to create a compelling life for her to be a part of.

This DOESN’T mean you have to be some crazy James Bond character (though obviously it’s not bad if you are).

And also not persey like the yuppie strivers who collect and consume experiences for status (and because they aren’t interesting themselves).

But she needs to think to herself — this guy is interesting, maybe life with him will be an adventure.

Short-term, it’s OK to “hack this” — to try to appear more interesting than you are. That is the nature of game; to frame yourself in an appealing way.

Long-term, however, the cold hard truth is you need to transform your life.

You need to pick up some more engaging hobbies, you need to travel, you need to acquire some experiences.

Frankly, it’s stuff that’s not only attractive to women, but enriches your life. Maybe it’s out of your comfort zone, but you won’t regret it.

And if you want help making the change?

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– Pat