I put out on Twitter the other day some ambitions I had for the future:

The inspiration for this came from some of my experiences at a retreat this weekend. It’s first first of eight I’ll be going to over the next 1.5 years.

In a nutshell, this course is basically designed to give me the ability to tap into altered states of consciousness, manipulate energy, and heal people.

From my experiences so far, all of that seems very likely to occur.

But there’s something sorely missing at this retreat.

Something that came to my attention the first night I was here, but has really been affecting me since then.

The lack of masculine energy in the environment… and more than even that, the lack of awareness about this lack.

The retreat is about 75% female, which is as you might expect.

And as you also might expect, among the guys who remain, there is very little masculine energy present.

There are exceptions, for sure. These guys are very balanced, integrated individuals.

But a majority of the guys here just don’t have it.

Which makes some of the exercises where we talk about masculine and feminine energy seem somewhat… off.

Having just been at the 21 Convention, and spending time exclusively with guys for nearly a week… you can FEEL the vibe of a bunch of men coming together, bonding, having conversations.

Talking about feminine energy there would be ridiculous. The guys only understood it conceptually or from a receptive standpoint.It’s the same here, but reversed. They are having people play in both energies, but the underlying language and framework is so feminine, when they try to play in masculine energy it seems like a larp or cariacature.

This is a real problem.

Because the deeper teachings being revealed here are POWERFUL.

It is literally the ability to get in touch with the broader energy field, to enter the void.

But we don’t have masculine role models to show this anymore.

Mishima was probably the last of those who lived it as a warrior. David Deida is the best teacher we’ve had, but he’s mostly left the picture.

As a result, when we talk about meditation and spirit there is an edge that is missing.

And masculinity is that edge.

Which is the point I want to get to here.

People get stuck in definitions, talking about masculinity being structure, being integrity… in contrast femininity being openness, formlessness.

I get these on a certain level and somewhat agree.

But the main thing about masculinity to me is that it is a PUSHING force.


It is going off into the unknown… protecting from the unknown… feeling at home in the unknown.

Femininity, in contrast, IS the unknown. It is a pulling force. It is what draws the masculine into the abyss, and it is what seeks to conquer it.

Any sort of program that does not allow for this edge to be explored thus doesn’t get the masculine spirit.

You need to have challenge, and toughness.

Because the masculine bonds in exploring the unknown. Of LEAVING safety.


Anyway, I’m going to be changing this in the future.

And I know exactly how I’m going to do it.

But it’s some ways off still. Because I have much more to learn before I will be fully prepared.

Maybe some of you think that’s a reason to wait to work with me.

And maybe it is.Just understand:

As I learn what I’m doing more and more, as I get faster and faster at making shifts in men… The value of what I do will go further up.

So don’t go expecting 2017 prices in 2020. Don’t even expect 2019 prices.

And definitely don’t expect as much access at said prices.

There is a big difference between being top 5% (where I am now) and top 0.5% (where I’ll be in the next 2 years).

Anyway, ‘nuff said.If you’re ready to go now… apply here: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat