Every now and then I’ll get a question from some prospective client or observer.

“Well, Pat you’re not dating anymore… things have changed a lot in the last couple years… should you really be giving dating advice anymore?”

It’s a real big thinkus.

Though in all fairness — I get it.

How could I, someone who was dating back in the pre-Tinder golden era of OkCupid, know how to navigate the new world-of-apps?

A couple of reasons my friends.

First, I’m not a retard. I understand how the apps work.

(And in terms of the algo, I often understand more than my clients)

Second, I know culture has changed. I’m a “cultural commentator.” And due to current clients, I’m constantly plugged into how the dating landscape is subtly shifting.

(Example: 6-7 years ago, sending images in texts was revolutionary. Now it’s normal.)

Third, I wrote a book on Texting. And the vast majority of “app skillz” is just learning how to text girls without boring them to death.

But far more importantly:

I understand women.

And gentlemen, women have not fundamentally changed in 5 years.

They have not changed in 500 years.

Yes, they are on the surface presenting themselves differently in some cases. You see some historically abnormal behavior, like more avoidance.

(Many more women today are afraid of commitment, because they’ve damaged their ability to pair bond through too much promiscuity, daddy issues, bad experiences with weak men etc.)

But on a core level?

Same women. Same attraction triggers.

Indeed, the biggest reasons most women seem “harder” to get to is because:

a) guys persist in using lazy 2019 approaches instead of replicating what has worked since the dawn of time and adapting it to modern mediums.

b) most guys just suck

Hate to beat a dead horse on #2, but it’s true.

For every resting bitch-face in Manhattan, there is an equal number of complacent, dumpy-looking doofuses. And there are far more women in Manhattan than men.

Which is why I don’t expect things to change in the short term.

Most guys just look for reasons not to do something rather than seeking motivation to change.

All I can do?

Help the ones who want to help themselves.

Something I take great pleasure in doing.

Because when the dating market is as fucked up as it is today…

The guys who get it, clean up.

Because there is absolutely no competition.

Anyway, I know some don’t value these sort of advantages.

“Easier” to keep doing the same thing and enjoy their scraps.

But for those who want to live like kings…

Apply here: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat