Received the following request for this topic the other day:

It’s an interesting phenomenon, and a lot of guys have mixed feelings on the topic.

I won’t go into too much depth here…

(It’s one of the topics I cover extensively in my course, which BTW is set for release Monday November 25th…)

But a brief overview:

A girl getting off on calling her guy “daddy” is a sign of daddy issues.

Now, are those issues necessarily BAD for you?

That depends.

When we think of daddy issues, we usually think of a girl who had an abusive father, a girl who hated her father, etc… In short, someone whose issues with “daddy” has affected her ability to bond with other men.

But that’s actually not necessarily the case.

An unhealthy relationship with “daddy” could be not simply about neglect, but about over-attachment or idealization.

Which is indeed the case with many women who call their man “daddy” (and are often attracted to significantly older men).

They may have loved their father, and growing up was obsessed with his attention.

Such women tend to have bonded with their fathers more than their mothers, and derived much of their identity from male attention.

So as a man, if you have a woman who calls you “daddy” — the chances are high she’s going to be very submissive to you.

She will want to “please” you.

Which means her behavior is pleasant and the sex is very, very good.

The catch?

She’s likely going to be more immature, lack independence, and have a higher susceptibility to being poached by other “daddies.”

The whole thing is very freudian. A girl’s unconscious sexual desire for her father is transmuted into sexual pleasure for you. When you fuck this girl, part of her is imagining you are her father.

Some guys don’t mind this. The power in the relationship is worth it.

Up to you to decide.

In my experience, however, these girls provide plenty of spice along with the sugar. She will fall into an infantilization where she “acts out” to get daddy’s attention.

AKA she becomes a “bad girl” who will tempt your worst nightmares, because she wants daddy to… discipline her.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of this is hot. Have fun… but I am not sure if it’s the sort of dynamic you want with the mother of your children.

(You want to be able to explore fantasies with your woman, but you need her to also show up as an adult — drama drains energy that you need for greater pursuits)

Anyway, such is female psychology.

Dark and dangerous… like a murky, fast moving river.

Most guys just jump in, thinking it’ll be a fun swim… without realizing they might drown.

Sadly, many do.

Men don’t like to ask for help… even if they lack the awareness and skills to survive in a harsh environment.

They’d rather have their life destroyed out of pride… rather than learn to swim with guard and instructor by their side.

Such a tragedy.

But people make their own choices.I am not here to save everybody.

In fact, I am not even here to save anyone at all.

I am simply here to teach those who wish how to save themselves.

How to get the best relationships they can with women… and therefore themselves.

Remember I can teach you how to swim, how to navigate currents, and I can grab you if you’re sinking…

But only you can move your arms.

For those ready, apply here:

– Pat