Yesterday I blocked and removed a long time subscriber.

It was a pointless bit of drama, but I’m going to share it… not only because it may prevent a similar fate for some of you, but because it’s an important lesson you need to internalize as a man.

As many of you know, my good friend Alexander Cortes was recently banned from twitter.

There was no explanation for this removal.

A couple of theories are flying around as to why it happened… (gamers, hard core red pillers, some spammer alexander said a not-so-nice word to in a DM)

Doesn’t matter, honestly.

Alexander’s a provocateur. In some ways it’s surprising it didn’t happen sooner. He’s been preparing for it for awhile.But it’s still upsetting.Alexander had almost 100k followers on Twitter. It definitely takes a toll.

And so, like many others I’ve put out some tweets under #FreeAJAC in hopes of reversing the ban.

Now look.

I know — perhaps because Alexander is very blunt and aggressive — many of you don’t like him.That’s cool. You’re entitled to your opinion. I don’t recommend spamming me with it, but no problem. There are people my friends like that I do not… it’s not a big deal.

But there’s a difference between having a different opinion and demanding other people agree with you.

A difference that got this guy blocked, which triggered him enough to inspire a series of nasty emails to me.

You see, this guy didn’t just express a dislike for a friend.

He judged ME for being friends with him.

“It hurts your credibility to associate with a convicted felon”

“You’re better than this”

So I called him what I call all such people:

Scum.It’s funny, because this guy is a pretty anti-SJW.

But on a psychological level he’s more or less the same.

He was trying to control my choices and my opinions, and got triggered when I didn’t listen.

In an email, he accused me of having low integrity for “changing.”

Which is pretty funny.

a) Because it doesn’t make any sense. I’ve been close with Alexander for years.

b) Because I can’t think of anything with less integrity than abandoning someone who, more than anybody else, has been responsible for the promotion of my brand.

Many of you know this implicitly — you’re only on this list because Alexander mentioned me.

Which brings me to the point:

Loyalty is the highest virtue as a man.

And your loyalty is most tested not when things are going well for a friend…… but when they are going BAD.

A lot of women jump ship when things are difficult. This is poor character, but remember women aren’t expected to fight.

Men are.

Jack Donovan talks about this in Way of Men (a must read book).

But male friendships are based on reliability. When you are in the trenches together, you need to know that you’ll be there for each other.

Which is why I’m asking you today, if you’re not on it already, to sign up for Alexander’s list.

He’s a brilliant writer and thinker. No one knows more about crafting a godlike physique than him.

But his emails extend far beyond physique. He reviews books, explores philosophy.It’s one of the only emails I read regularly.

Anyway, you can jump on it here:

– Pat