GaryPUA put out the following interesting, and very accurate, observation the other day:

The tweet speaks for itself, and I don’t need to much explain it. But I do want to elaborate so you can glean something a bit deeper out of it.

When a girl is laughing at everything you say, she DOES want to fuck you. She likes you. And yes — you better realize it and act accordingly.

But I want you lads to also note:

It’s not because you’re actually all that funny.

Women laugh at what a guy says for one simple reason:

It’s gets the guy to invest in the girl and pursue her.


Women want to be DESIRED. And since most guys are either too clueless or too insecure to show a woman that desire, women put on an “act” to get the guy to build up his confidence, and realize he’s “safe” to pursue her.

They play to his EGO.

Which is why Girl Game is so powerful with guys, especially guys who don’t have their “core value” (Personality) established.

The girl becomes a source of validation the guy gets hooked on.

Now, does this mean Girl Game is “bad” and something to worry about when you see?


Game (Persona) is a great thing… when it’s grounded in a person’s personality.

Good selling makes you even more excited about the product — this excitement doesn’t necessarily mean the product isn’t good.

The problem happens when the girl doesn’t value herself, and needs the man’s validation to make her feel good… and when the guy doesn’t value himself, and needs the girl’s validation to feel like a man.

It’s the externalization of your self-worth that leads to problems.

But once you’ve got this core sorted out?

Game is simply fun. It makes the dance of attraction more enjoyable.

Anyway, I know Girl Game is one of the more popular topics I discuss.

Which is why I dedicated a XXXX long video on it in my soon-to-be released course.

Some details about this course:

It’s called The Pat Stedman’s Masterclass

It’s got 18.5+ hours of me talking, ZERO FLUFF, about the most essential topics related to maximizing your development as a man and mastering your relationships with women.

I literally sat in a chair for 4 days and talked into a camera about all of the major topics I regularly discuss with clients.

And look… 

I’ve been in this industry as either producer or consumer for over 11 years…

I’ve bought well over 10 courses, which ranged from the hundreds to thousands of dollars each…

And I can tell you…


Especially when you factor in its price point.

It’s a MONSTER of content chock full of tactics and “reframes.” You will essentially be rewiring your mind and downloading an encyclopedia about women.

Now, you might ask… why did I make a course that is equivalent in content value to about 6 courses?

Because my intention when I made the course wasn’t to sell it on its own.

I was going to simply make it the backbone of regular coaching.

Which it still will be.

But, because I know that not all of you have the $$$$ or inclination to do coaching, and because the independent value of this course is incredible… I decided to sell it separately, since it’s about as close as you can come to working with me without actually doing it.

You can buy it here:

– Pat