My good friend and offensive troll @JockGenetics mentioned something interesting on Twitter I wanted to talk about.

In response to some tweet about an obnoxious british girl yelling at some men because they had chickens in cages at a marketplace in Morocco (not important), he said:

It was a very good observation indeed.

Because you see the damage of this in so much of the manosphere’s attitude towards women.

What do I mean, exactly?

Well… most guys think all the women out there are “bad” because most guys are dating the same women.

Case in point the discrepancy which I have talked about at length in the past between perceptions of women today being super promiscuous while professional data as well as conversations with women tell a more complex story (that many women, like men, are actually becoming “incels”)

The real facts:

Loud and promiscuous women make themselves more heard and felt by men in the dating market because they “get around” in it more.

The same woman who goes out of her way to “make herself heard” is likely to in your face as much as another guy in the same vicinity.

Just like your village slut (harsh but being blunt) is likely to have slept with both you and your friend’s friend.

But is this data accurate of the whole?


Because a lot of “shywomen are either not trying to date or are already taken.

Meanwhile, “loud and loose” women are dating or interacting with 5x as many men as them.

Which is a major reason why – while I don’t dismiss online dating – I encourage men to learn how to “catch their own food” so to speak.

Because when you’re passive with dating, and you let the “algo” or the bar do it all for you… you will miss out on many of these good girls.

The ones out there that are NOT your generic attention whores… and are rather interesting, demure, charming, and sweet.

How to meet said girls?

Well, there’s tactical techniques, and strategic shifts — both of which play a key role in shifting your outcomes.

Day game is a great one, for instance.

But if you want to really develop and execute a plan specific for you, and with the best chance of success…

I recommend you work with me.

Because helping you find and attract these girls is what I do.

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– Pat