Short email today, since Rome beckons.

I sent out a tweet earlier in the day that DIDN’T get a big response… although smart minds (such as AJA Cortes) immediately picked up that it wasn’t something to scoff at:

“The lower your consciousness, the more the stick works over the carrot.”

Pause and reflect on that for a minute because moving on, since if you can internalize it… it WILL change your life

Conventional wisdom tends to use the carrot as an after thought to the stick — why it’s routinely said pain motivates better than pleasure.

And indeed this is generally the case.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Understand, you have two choices for motivation in life: fear or love.

Fear is the mindset of scarcity, paranoia, control — attitudes you see routinely in spaces such as the red pill.Love is the mindset of abundance, trust, respect — all the traits you see in the healthiest, most evolved dynamics.

Which one you emphasize in your decisions with women will determine the experience of those relationships.

Fear works on a person’s shadow… so when it comes to women, dread game and indeed most red pill tenets are ways to police this dark impulse.

But love works on their lighter side.

The side that shows the beauty of their soul — the elevated part of who they are.

Sounds like the kind of relationship you want, right? Where you feed each other carrots?

No question about it. These are what secure relationships look like.

There’s only one problem.

If you choose a woman who’s been consumed by her shadow, you are only going to get burned by operating in a loving way towards her.

Now, if you are truly embodying love then maybe you will heal her in time…

(Of course, there are degrees to damage, some can be salvaged, some cannot)

Just understand such things are very unlikely with a broken woman, especially while you remain committed.

You can turn the other cheek with a girl over and over again. You can speak truth in the face of her lies.

But none of that truth will become internalized while she can still torture you.

You need to LEAVE so she understands.

(There is a reason Jesus had to DIE to show people their shadow so they could evolve)

But even better than leaving is something else.

Something far more prudent:

Not involving yourself to begin with.

And how do you do that?

Well, with the guidance of someone who not only understands female nature, but can read people both psychologically and energetically.

Someone like me.


One of the things I was good at even before going down this path is discernment.

I can tell you exactly what you’re getting into before you get into it.

Kinda like telling you the future.

But even better, because I teach you the tools to do the same.

Fill out an application here if you’re interested:

– Pat