I’ve talked a bit about this before.

But one of the most tragic things you see in a relationship is when a guy attempts to argue a point with a woman who clearly doesn’t care… bleeding frame with each word he states.

It’s weak approach to dealing with women.

Because women don’t care about your words under most circumstances.

They don’t care about the tightness of your logic.

All they care about is your leverage in the dynamic.

What I’m about to say might sound dramatic.

But when you are in the weak, needy position… everything you say is annoying to a woman.

Sex is a nuisance.

Your opinion is irrelevant.

It’s a dynamic you see constantly as you walk about, tragically.

These are women who are inundated with the attention of men they don’t respect.

Because these men, despite what they have otherwise done in their lives, are looking to their woman for validation or sexual satiation.

Which means even if she loves him, knows he’s a good man… she resents him on a certain level for giving her this satisfaction.

Such men live lives of quiet misery.

Even if they are not overtly needy, and aren’t henpecked to death, they never enjoy the confidence of true leadership other men achieve.

How can these men change their position?

Simple, but not easy.

They need to eliminate their need for their wives to give them ANYTHING.

Unfair, I know.

“I’m doing X or Y, I’ve sacrificed so much, she should do Z”


Doesn’t work that way.

You must do things entirely for you… and then desire her on your own terms.

You cannot ask for her to listen to you, or chase you, or whatever.

My recommendation to get there?

Gain complete control over your sexual energy.

Get rid of your need for release.

But look.

This stuff requires DEEP REWIRING of your brain to accomplish.

You have been conditioned and raised for years with the belief that you need to work for a woman’s sex.

To get rid of this conditioning will take time.

And the more you fuck around, the longer it will take.

Changing a core part of how your brain thinks is NEVER instantaneous.

But the best way to download a new way of thinking is to work with someone who:

Knows how to bring your bullshit and weakness to FULL AWARENESS

Can transfer his own energy to youI talk a lot about the former on here, but the latter is arguably more important.

The reason you work with people isn’t JUST for their insights that you lack, or even their objectivity.

But because their way of thinking rubs off on you.

(It’s why I and all high-level people shell out $$$$ just for contact with those who “get it.” Just talking to those more experienced in an area changes how we think)

Anyway, enough pitching.

If you want some of my wisdom and energy for yourself, go here: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat