Read receipts, that is.

Someone asked me this interesting question the other day… basically, what I think about them when it comes to texting a girl.

(BTW buy my book, Tackling Texting, if you want to get good at this essential skill)

Personally, I turn mine off.

I don’t like a girl to know exactly when I saw something… it’s like giving intel to the enemy.

That said, it’s great to get them from a girl.

Especially when she doesn’t realize she’s left them on.

You know exactly what games she’s playing, whether she’s full of shit about stuff or not.

And you know exactly how to pace and mirror accordingly.

For instance, if you sent out a date request, and you can see she saw the message a few minutes after you sent it but she didn’t respond for hours… you can expect that the chance of flaking is going to be high.

Without the read receipts, you’re in a little more limbo, since you don’t know for sure whether she’s busy and got to your text or not.

That said, know that even if a girl “reads” your text… it doesn’t mean she necessarily has time to process it at that moment.

I miss texts all the time now that I’ve gotten really busy, and that includes “seeing” a text but not processing it because something else immediately comes up.

It’s not personal.

Which is why I don’t recommend getting sheepish and dropping off for good when a girl doesn’t respond.

Give her a nudge.

(You might be surprised)

Anyway, I know texting has a lot of nuance to it. Specific situations require different responses.

Which is why I wrote Tackling Texting.

The first quarter of the book goes into the key strategic mindsets you *need* to have integrated when it comes to texting a girl if you want things to go anywhere.

And the rest is all chock full of tactics and examples, taking you from the number to the date… and beyond.

I don’t rep the book much cause it’s low ROI for me.

But texting really was one of my “superpowers” when it came to women. After I mastered it, my online dating “conversion” rate soared… and I almost never had to worry about not getting a date from a woman’s whose number I got.

Obviously you’re not me, and it takes experience to get these things integrated into your personality.

But if you want to start tackling texting…

Well, start Tackling Texting.

The link is here.

– Pat