So gonna keep this one short and stupid.

I don’t know exactly where you’re at right now, but in NYC something very crazy has been happening this past week.

Something that happens every year, and us men look forward to with glee.


Winter is over, and the women are out and about… no more black leggings, black boots, and black canada goose jackets… we’ve got sundresses, skirts, sunglasses…

Or in other words, sex.

People are done hibernating, they’re breaking up their dead relationships, and they’re looking for love.

Something that matters quite a bit for you.

Because this season only comes once a year.

Yes, we’re still early on. Plenty of time to meet women over the next few months…

But the early bird gets the worm. And if you’re single now, want to meet girls… yet you’re not putting yourself out there…

Let’s just say you’re missing a big, big opportunity.

Because what happens as the year goes on, is that women get BURNED OUT.

It’s like trying to date a girl online who’s been online for years.

She’s jaded. Going through the motions.

Whereas a girl who just signed up yesterday?

She is open and receptive to meeting new people. She’s less likely to flake… and has her tank of femininity and openness up to full.


Just a little reminder, if you were thinking of getting complacent.

Cause if you were going to get stuff fixed with women, now is the time to do it.

To take action… and reap the rewards.

And if you want to do it right? To make sure you’re maximizing your chances at this wonderful opportunity?

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– Pat