Gonna cut to the chase today, since you got a big dump of content in your inbox yesterday.

So while I’m big on studying tactics, crafting dating strategies, and going deep into guys’ limiting beliefs…

One of the things that really fascinates me (because it’s so frickin’ relevant) is energy.

Because while you can get all that other stuff down, what really draws women (or repels them) isn’t what you say or even do…

But what your vibe is.

The emotions you create in your interactions with her, and more broadly, the presence you give to life.

You know this first hand.

Some people give energy. Others take it.

Some people are just draining to be around. Like a blackhole.

Others amp you up.

Some make you feel heavy, others light.

And all of this matters when it comes to women.

There are times to be intense and passionate.

And there are times to be light and playful.

Weight to leave an imprint on a girl, lightness to let her escape from the mundane.

So never think that you should be just one or the other.

But that said… I’ll be real with you.

The problem with most guys isn’t that they are too light.

(Some players have this problem, and they wonder why they can’t keep a girl)

But that they’re too heavy.

They let their fears and concerns about the world weigh them down.(It’s especially the case for neurotic intuitives)

So friends… if this is you.

Just stop.

Don’t ruminate on your deep emotional issues, letting them cycle over and over again.

Work with someone who will show you how to break the cycle.

To understand yourself so you don’t have to keep stressing over yourself.

So you can go out and ENJOY LIFE.

Bring a sense of adventure to women, channeling that intensity to where it belongs…

… her emotional bond with you.


If you know you’re too “heavy,” if you feel in your head all the time…
Wondering if you did X or Y right…

Apply here and let me sort you out: www.patstedman.com/application

Going deep into your head is paradoxically the first step out of it.

But you need a guide, otherwise you’re more likely to just get lost…

– Pat