Straight up practical knowledge for you today, based on question I received.

I’ll spare you specifics… but more or less this guy was wondering how to get a text confirmation from a girl when she’s hesitated to confirm her availability.

Now, it’s important to understand… like always, context is king here.If the girl dropped the idea to hang out… but hasn’t set a date… and said date is approaching…

Chances are, since she initiated, she’s interested. But since you didn’t lead and set the date for her, she’s starting to disengage.

I know this might seem a bit strange considering you’d think logically if a girl said she wanted to hang out later in the week, and you said sounds good, that she’d tell you when.

But in most cases the girl is just giving you a push.

It’s humiliating for women to pursue men, so she’s unlikely to put all of the effort in to make it happen. Her main conclusion will just be that you’re not really interested, so better to hold back.

In these scenarios your response is pretty simple. Propose the date: “how about tomorrow at X location”

This assertiveness compensates for your laziness when she first proposed hanging out, and will re-spark her interest.

But note that this is the ideal move only when you KNOW she’s interested.

Let’s say *you* proposed a hang out, and she said sure… and then when you suggested the date, no response…

Well, there are a couple things that could be going on here:

– The girl is playing power games
– The girl isn’t sure she wants to see you
– The girl isn’t certain the day works for her, and is held up with logistics

First, Girl A)

You need to figure out why she’s playing power games. Is this her general way of interacting with guys? Is she looking for just validation?Or did you do something that hurt her, and caused her to react this way?If so, might want to call her out. No guarantees… but you need to shift the convo back to being real and open, and away from being fake and difficult.

Second, girl B)


Finally, girl C)

These girls often just need a reminder that you need to plan stuff. A simple check in… “hey, trying to lock down my schedule. you down to clown tomorrow?” playfully gets the confirmation from her.

But of course, it’s one thing to list multiple options.

It’s another to know which girl is which.Because each of them tend to pretend to be the other.

Which is why you need expertise in these matters. Someone who can sniff out discrepancies, figure out when a girl’s behavior shifted and why… …and of course, guide you to the right response.

Now, you might be thinking right now.

“Ah yes, here’s that part of the email where Pat pitches his coaching”

But the truth is my friend, today you’d be wrong.

I’m pitching something else instead.

A little $5 kindle book I wrote a few years back called Tackling Texting.

As you’ve probably realized I don’t mention this book much, except to clients (it regularly becomes an essential resource for them). But not because of it’s quality.

It’s actually by far the best texting product on the market, especially considering its ridiculous price.

(Worse material is regularly packaged as “$47 ebooks” or courses)

But, being frank, $5 books I don’t even collect fully on (thanks Bezos) aren’t big for my biz.

It was a passion project I made, because it was something I had enormous skill in – even by “dating guru” standards.

Indeed, I was so adept at texting, I KNEW if I got a girl’s number, there was a near perfect chance we’d be on a date within 2 weeks.

And inside Tackling Texting, I show you how to do the same.

Explaining, in detail, how to go from number to date seamlessly… providing examples, revealing tactics…… and most importantly of all, making sure you understand the “big picture” of texting.

(which even guys who crush it with women in the real world forget – unfortunately, since it matters the most)

Anyway, the link is here.

Buy it, leave a review, and let me know what you think.

– Pat