There is a certain class of women who draws men to herself like moths to a flame.

These women are often attractive, though eschew the done-up look of “instagram models” and others. They aren’t masculine, but have an easy banter with guys and don’t try to emphasize their differences from them.

They have female friends, but acquire them much more selectively. And they don’t “naturally” get along as well with women, as most women are fake to them.

Whenever you see such girls, you’ll see that they have as many if not more male friends than female ones.

Guys love these girls for obvious reasons.

These women enjoy partying, they’re approachable and easy to talk to.

They’re pretty, in the “girl-next-door” sort of way.

And they’re not intimidating, like so many “classic” women are.

Which leads to a lot of said male friends developing crushes on the girl… crushes the girl invariably does not reciprocate.

Indeed: while these girls might date guys briefly, and have the occasional hook up, they rarely have relationships.

Ostensibly it’s because their standards are too high.

They’re looking for a guy who does X or Y.

(It’s just so difficult to find them, right?)

Most of the guys they see out there are just “douches.”

So single they remain… albeit with at least a dozen men in her orbit.

What’s the story with these girls?

Well first, don’t let the lack of overt femininity deceive you.

These women are seductive flirts.

There are different ways to seduce a man… and since many men are guarded around women, the women who can put them at ease gain control over their hearts.

These girls are experts at getting guys to open up.

Turning even guys who can sleep with women no problem to obsess over them.

Why do the girls do this?

Validation is, of course, a key reason. What makes a woman feel better than having multiple men put her on a pedestal?

Moreover: these men as a composite can compensate quite nicely for a boyfriend.

Which is where things get interesting.

You see, for all the ability of these women to get guys to feel safe around them… to open up…

These women themselves are very afraid of intimacy and losing control.

They’re female “players,” in a certain sense.

They outsource their male connection to multiple parties, and find reason to reject potential suitors… because letting someone in is scary for them.

They long for intimacy… and yet will not allow themselves to have it.

Which is a shame.

Because said women are quite good people at the end of the day.

They’re not intentionally manipulative, and they’re usually pretty trustworthy.

It’s just a defense mechanism.

Anyway, such is one subspecies of the genus feminina.

If you’re looking to catalog them all so you’re never surprised what you find out in wild…

(and thus don’t have to worry about getting eaten alive)… go here:

– Pat