This is the last post in our informal series on bar game.

And I saved you the best for last.

Recall from the last email we discussed when to get number at a bar if you want a response.

But if you’re planning to camp out at a bar, there’s a variation of this.And it’s a variation that absolutely transforms your nightlife experience, especially if bars and “cold approaching” aren’t really your thing.

What’s the secret?

Turn the bar into your own house party.

Now, there are a couple aspects to doing this right… First is strategic. Ideally, try to make the bar a “regular” spot you visit.

The reason for this should be pretty intuitive. You want to make the place as much your “territory” as possible… and the way to do that is to be known by the bartenders and (potentially) some of the other patrons.

This gives you high preselection in the environment, and sets you already above the other guys coming there.

Next is tactical. Get to the bar just as the energy is starting to build up, and just make off-hand, friendly comments to as many people as possible… especially the girls. We’re not talking about serious conversations here, or attempts to pick up anybody. Just make jokes, tease girls, banter and then move off.

There are three reasons for this:

– It gets you out of your head, and starts to loosen up your “social muscles”
– It creates an impression on girls that you’re friendly and cool, not desperate, just creating good vibes
– It opens a loop with girls that eventually they will want to close

You see, when the night begins most girls aren’t necessarily ready to settle down with the first guy who talks to them. They’re open to the night’s possibilities, and want to spend time with their friends.

But this will change as the night goes on.

The clock will tick, and they’ll start to wonder which guys they want to dance with, flirt with… maybe go home with.

And you, the friendly, unintimidated, yet not-desperate guy will still be there — having fun.

She’ll remember how you teased her earlier.

And so she’ll try to catch your eye. Maybe even make an indirect approach, cozying up to you at the bar, giving her an excuse to “run into you” again.

Lol, it doesn’t really matter.

She’s interested in YOU now, and the rest is yours to lose.

Note: the strategic part of this isn’t even necessary, but it’s just an added bonus in your favor. Be friendly and tease girls when the night begins, have fun with your friends, and then 1-2 hours later as people start to pair up, you’re going to be a prime target for the girls there.

(Especially since all the girls will see each other looking at you…)

Anyway, you can thank me later.

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– Pat