Today’s topic is a biggie, gentlemen… so strap yourselves in.

We’ll be talking about something I know not many others talking about.

“Friends” who will try to steal your girl (snakes).

Now, a caveat before we begin. There are only two things you need to really worry about when it comes to cheating.

a) How you’re showing up as a man in the relationship. And…

b) The morality, values, and emotional security of the girl you’re with.

Everything else is a distant third. Because a girl who is feels loved and loves herself has an insignificant chance of cheating.

But just because you’ve got the antidote nearby,  it doesn’t mean you want to be bit by snakes.So let’s talk about said snakes and how to avoid them.

There are two types of snakes in particular, among your male group.

The first is the kind of guy you don’t really want around in the first place. He’s a “player” who doesn’t really give a shit about anybody but himself. There’s no “bro-code” with him — he’ll hook up with any pretty girl he can get. If you confront him about it, he’ll shrug it off, or lie.

You don’t want these guys around, because even if hanging out with them is a good story,  they’re bad people.

Then there’s the second type.

And these ones are a bit more complicated.

(The inspiration for this email, if you will)

These guys are the guys who are in your social group, and have always gotten along well with your girl. They’re great guys who you’ve always enjoyed hanging out with.

But they’re going through a tough time, romantically.

Maybe getting divorced. Maybe going through a break-up. Or perhaps just struggling with women in general.

These guys are to be seriously watched-out for.

The reason being?

They’re weak and hurting. And weak and hurting people often become jealous of things other people have.

Now, there’s nuance to this. But the nuance is pretty simple…

These are guys who you could probably tell, otherwise, had a mild thing for your woman.

But all the sexual energy, etc was transmuted due to their own romantic intrigue, and the group dynamics.

But when these guys are struggling?

All bets are off.


Watch out for these guys.

Spend time with them, if you really care.

But don’t let them around your woman… especially not alone.

Because there’s a coin-flip’s chance they’ll pounce.

And if you want help reading these dynamics, and the many many others?

Go here:

You tell me the story, and I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on.

I’m rarely wrong… and I don’t just “tell you” why. I teach you.

So, on second thought… only click if you’re serious.

– Pat