I am currently dealing with two clients who are relatively inexperienced with women and, since we’ve been working together, have in the last couple of weeks started seeing girls.

One of these guys is in college, and met the girl at an extracurricular hobby.

The other, a young professional who met a lady at a work conference.

In both cases there’s been some physical contact but nothing too serious.And — of course — lots of “shit tests.”

Women can sense when a guy is on new ground with a girl, and put up more barriers accordingly.

(they smell the eagerness)

Hence, we’ve been dealing with the dilemma of trying to keep the frame.

Now, I am personally not much of a fan of dealing with women who are constantly throwing shit your way — especially when they are not much putting out.

But I also understand the role of experience. So long as you don’t get too sucked into their drama, you can learn a lot of from these dances.

So I’ve been showing them a little technique.

Something that the “game” artists tend to overlook in the quest for originality.

But something men of old knew very well…

When a girl is throwing drama at you, or trying to get you to do something, or accusing you of this or that…

Don’t argue.

Be silent.

Let her squirm in uncertainty.

There’s nothing that will direct control back to you than this.

Understand, girls use drama as a weapon because they have a much greater capacity to create and sustain it. Guys, consequently, tend to argue back and fight… which throws them off “control”… which leads to more fights, until eventually the girl gains power over the man, and thus the full dynamic.

Women have a wild emotional energy guys just can’t compete with, and the sign of a man who is a boy at heart is his reactivity to this energy.

The positive side of this childlike playfulness is why men love women. It’s refreshing, like a cool spring on a summer day.

But the negative side is like a hurricane. And if you go outside and try to stop the downpour, you’re just going to get blown away.

The trick to dealing with it is to fortify yourself so these storms don’t have control over you. You can endure anything she can throw at you. You don’t care.

So you don’t engage in the drama.

And you gain attraction from the woman in the process.

And nothing shows a lack of engagement more than quiet indifference.

This will make most women realize they’ve gone too far, and will shatter their frame. They don’t know what you’re thinking. Does he care? Is he leaving? And make it so that when you DO respond, you can simply make a statement and she’s likely to comply.

Now, will all women respond like this?

As always, no.

The technique affects the frame of all women, but as I don’t need to tell you many women have a cluelessness about their leverage in the relationship, or a stubbornness, and keep pushing the drama for their own ego.

Which is fine. Because these women show themselves as women who need to hit the road.

Watch her regret it later.

(There’s a reason the “strong, silent type” is thing)

Anyway, I don’t usually give tactical techniques like these because I’m so focused on big picture + strategy.

But with 10 years of experience under my belt, half which I spent as a single guy in “the field”, I’ve got an arsenal of them… weapons I am happy to lend you.

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– Pat