One of the things I love doing is prodding the singles out there about their dating life.

Partly, out of entertainment.

(Most people are so clueless, and lack so much self-awareness, it boggles the mind)

But also for content fodder.

I mine these people like Cerro Rico in Potosi, gleaning every last bit of silver from their lives until their interest to me collapses.

Anyway, I talked to one such girl in Australia about her dating life. And she was happy to spill the beans.

A little background on the author.

This girl was a bit chubby, though wasn’t “soft” — she had some solid muscle underneath.

But like the typical modern girl, she went out plastered with makeup, talked to every guy she could get attention from… juggling the dissonance of bragging about her promiscuity while complaining about terrible dating was.

In other words: this woman was a rich vein of content.

Most of her stories I may tell another time. They’re kinda basic though and not terribly novel.

One I want to zoom in on, however.

This girl was dating a guy who by all accounts was weird.

He struggled to communicate well socially.

And had a very strange addiction: eating garlic.

Now, full disclosure my mother is Italian and I grew up eating a TON of garlic. The house always smelled like it and dinners would sometimes push the envelope on what was necessary.

But crucially, this garlic was COOKED and in meals.

None of us ate raw garlic cloves.

Least of all, keeping them in our pocket to eat throughout the day.

I hope I’m starting to paint a picture for your of what this guy was like.

He was addicted to eating raw garlic.

So much so, that he talked about garlic constantly… and while he was staying over her house, accidentally woke her up at 3AM because he was fumbling around looking for a garlic clove.

She was talking about how CRAZY and WEIRD this guy was.

And I tend to agree. The story is funny.

Though smart people will see there’s another side to it already.

Weird and strange though this guy was… awkward with talking… maniacal about his anti-vampire protocols…

The girl didn’t break up with the guy for his garlic.

She looked past his apparently horrendous smell.

Indeed, she let him come over and SLEEP IN HER BED.

And only broke up with him after one very serious infraction.

An unforgivable one, as far as she was concerned:

It took him 2 days to text her back.

She justified this in typical fashion.

“I’m not going to be with a guy who disrespects me, who isn’t there for me when I have needs, etc. etc.”

Perhaps you’re wondering what the moral of all of this is.

Well, it’s a big one. One that you can take to the bank.

(And you should always remember when anyone is regaling you with tales of woe)

Fucked up people attract other fucked up people.

Look, I’m the first to admit I dated some people for the story.

I almost went on a date with one girl, until she sent me a picture of herself with 4 pigeons covering her.

(it remains the only date I’ve flaked on)

But those in glass houses should be very careful about throwing stones.

Perhaps this guy (allegedly on the spectrum) who compulsively eats raw garlic has issues.

But then what do we say about the girl who takes said guy into her bed and melts down when he doesn’t text her back?

Other people are great tools because they help you to see your shadow.

They reveal your very very messed up habits and mentalities.

But only if you know to look for them.

To see the patterns.

Which is why working with me is so beneficial.

I see where you’re lying to yourself immediately.

But I don’t just tell you.

No, no, no.

I’m a patient guy.

And I know that “telling” someone something means nothing.

Instead I wait. I ask questions.

And gently guide you to understand the dissonance yourself.

So the changes stick.

Such radical change is not for everybody.

And that’s ok.

(I don’t want you to do anything you’re not ready for. Take your time)

But if you are ready to shift things around big time, go here:

– Pat