Yesterday I told you I’d tell you a few more stories about alignment.

So here goes.

Let’s circle back to Warsaw, end of 2012.

Back in this day my dating life was at peak power.

And well overdue, if you ask me.

I spent the first year of this “self-improvement” process in 2008, and the year was absolutely miserable. Things improved a lot in 2009. After the prior year of anxiety, I finally made a lot of friends.

Then 2010 happened. Things started up with a girl who I fell hard for, and would change my life.

Fast forward a year later to 2011, and I was more-or-less cheated on and back to square one.

It wasn’t until 2012 that things fell into place.

I “cracked the code” (at least, the basic one) with women. I had flings, harems, and dated so much I legitimately don’t remember all the girls.

It was a year of harvest, after years of mixed-success and in some cases outright misery.

I fell off of that alignment in 2014, however… and things didn’t really “re-align” until the end of 2017

Not for necessarily bad reasons.

I decided to go to a new level, and did a lot of things that shook my foundations.

I started a business. I got engaged.

Things that require enormous commitment. And transitions.

The changes made me confront some not-so-pretty things about yours truly that sapped my confidence.

Why do I mention it?

For your entertainment, of course.

But also to remind you… getting to the next level isn’t always pretty.

Now, I’m not saying it has to always be bad.

There are definitely things that were unnecessary, and that I would redo.

But as Mike Cernovich said years back, Spiritual Growth is Physically Painful.

I’ve had to shed some serious deadwood in order to reach this new chrysalis.

And to shed that deadwood, I needed help.

Every bit of progress I’ve experienced in life I owe to three things:

Myself, for actually committing myself to this journey.

My womenparticularly my wife — who have held up a mirror to me throughout.

And my mentors, for guiding me through dissonance at key junctures.

Now, I can’t be you.

You have to want change — I can’t make you want it for you.

And I can’t be your woman.

(I don’t think you’d like my tits or ass, anyway)

But I can be your guide.

Time is money, and there’s just not much reason waste time if you can afford to do otherwise.

(especially since the stuff I work on with you goes *directly* to your overall mindset, which goes directly into your ability to make moolah)

Anywho, so it is.

Those who are ready can go here:

– Pat