Gonna cut right to the point today, since it’s already late in the day (things have been crazy around here, was up to 5AM last night with work).

It seems that like many things, relationships have taken a turn towards extremes.

Many people can’t even have a relationship, the experience is so bad. Most who do find themselves miserable. Meanwhile, in contrast, a few are amazing.

Historically, things were much more in the middle. Less perfect relationships, but also far less terrible ones.

The question is why.

I think it’s insecurity.

Not just insecurity of self, but insecurity about one’s place in society.

Everything is chaos.

The result being, most people are lost and self-aborbed with their pain… while a few transcend any sort of social strictures and really individualize.

The former people feel like crap, and so make other people feel like crap, and end up alone (or in co-dependent dysfunction).

Meanwhile, the latter find each other they have relationships based on deep, un-needy connection.

Everybody wants the latter, obviously.

But not everybody is willing to put in the work.

Most blame other people for their problems.

And blame is how you kill a relationship.

So here’s a hint to get the relationship you want:

Stop blaming your woman for how you feel.

Blame is disempowering, it is weak.

See what responsibility you could have had for things. Try to improve.

And be patient.

Or don’t, and leave.

But understand If women constantly make you feel X or Y way, the problem is definitely you

And the secret to self-respect is taking responsibility for you.

That’s not just responsibility for actions, but for your emotions.

Do that, and you can have a relationship that starts to transcend…

And if you want help getting there, even if you’re single?

I’m the guy to work with.

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– Pat