As many of you might remember, I’ve got a thing for DJ Khaled.

The dude absolutely fascinates me. Got to be one of the dumbest celebrities yet one of the most authentic and in-tune with himself.

Anyway, another riff on the guy.

One of his popular (albeit not sensational) songs is “No New Friends.”

Basically, the song is what it’s called. Khaled doesn’t want any new friends, he only wants the people that were with him at the bottom.

Makes sense. Lot of freeloaders start showing up when you become famous.

But it’s a bit unrelatable for the average person, since generally what you’re told is that you should want more friends.

More friends equals more contacts; indeed in the realm of women it’s one of the best ways to jumpstart your dating life.

But is there a time when the “less is more” rule applies for you?

Most definitely.


In my other company, one of our vendors and us had a bit of a problem. I won’t go into the details but suffice to say they sold us two things: One made us easy money… the other was a hard sell.

Both products were good mind you, but the latter was overpriced and was in a tricky market position.

(Think luxury prices but less established luxury branding)

Anyway they wanted us to buy more of the latter, even though we were already sitting on a ton of inventory.

Wasn’t going to work.

So, we parted ways.

On one hand this is sad. We liked what they sold, and though the name wasn’t fully established it had respect.

On the other hand… it’s addition by subtraction, because now we don’t have to sit on their hard-sell product.

We’ve cut the number of vendors but are now leaner and more focused. Less “friends” = More cash flow. And more profit.

It’s very often also the case in real life.

Because if I’m being honest with you, I used to have a LOT more friends.

Some of these were lost due to the polarization of the times, but most were lost simply because I stopped trying to keep in touch.

I had been forcing something that didn’t work just to say I had it. No more.

Now my circle is leaner but stronger. My only regret is that more of them aren’t in the same location, though because of the bond we still make an effort to meet up a couple times a year.

And this applies to women as well, though you wouldn’t know it if you went by most dating advice.

Maybe you need to date too many women to realize you’re suffering from low quality, but the truth is dating more than 4 women *well* is almost impossible for a guy. Even that is stretching it — good luck having any other hobbies.

(maybe the Muslims were on to something…)

Sometimes it is better to cut.

Have deeper, more intimate interactions with a few women (maybe even just one) than surface, casual ones with more.

Or maybe not. Who knows? You do you.

But as you level up, your close circle tends to consolidate, not grow.

I’ll leave it up to you to wonder why.

– Pat

PS Note all this stuff is contextual. Maybe you’ve moved to a new place and don’t know anybody, and you want to make new friends. Cool.

Then get my masterclass… because one of the things I go into in depth is building a high quality social circle fast… and leveraging it accordingly.