One mantra that’s seemingly dogma in our corner of the community are the terms AWALT and NAWALT — for the uninitiated, “all women are like that” and “not all women are like that.”

The former is used to ram home the fact that women have a predisposed biological nature that cannot be overridden; the latter to mock “white knights” and the like who try to excuse away said nature in *their* “unique” situation by saying: “well, my girl isn’t really like that”

This latter mindset is (justifiably) attacked — it’s the dangerous sort of thinking that leads to naivety about what women are capable of and the pain such beliefs inevitably create.

Yet the reality is that women ARE different in their own ways — ways that are often profound. While their actions might all be filtered through the same biological imperative, they manifest themselves differently depending on the girl.

For instance, hypergamy is undoubtably a key, universal element of a woman’s sexual strategy. But how a woman might enact her hypergamy could vary considerably.

She might:

– cheat quietly on the side
– ditch the guy for a higher status man
– become cold and resentful but stay faithful

Some women might even attempt to help their man, though there is no question their arousal will decline in the process.

The point?

When you’re dealing with women, understand they all want the same thing and will adapt their behavior to get it. But their behavior might “adapt” in different ways. These adaptations depend primarily on the psychology of both parties and their values (and objective value).

This is why for every story of a guy losing his job there are the stereotypical wives who leave for the more successful man but also the wives who work harder and help their husband to get back on his feet.

Such women do exist (though they are increasingly rare) — their “hypergamous” strategy is to invest in their current man, rather than ditch him for a new one.

Are both women the same? Yes and no. They both want the same thing, but go about getting it in different ways.

Anyway, important to remember even if you’ve got such a keeper, the more she helps you out the less turned on she’ll be.

Remember: there are no unicorns. No women is immune to her biological pressures.

But know that there are varied ways they might address them.

And if you want help discerning how?

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