Hey gents –

Ever wondered how to tell if an interaction between a guy and a girl is going well?

If you’re like most guys, you’ve probably thought success is strongly correlated with time.

In other words, the longer you’re in “the set,” the better you’re doing with the girl.

After all, a guy who can keep a girl’s attention and keep a conversation going probably has more investment from her than a guy who just chatted for a bit and got left hanging, right?

A reasonable assumption.

Not always, however, correct.

One thing I see constantly when I go out is guys who talk to girls for 30 minutes, even an hour… but don’t have any attraction to show for it.

These guys are great conversationalists and awesome at making a girl feel comfortable, but are shit at making her feel attracted.

Meanwhile, the guys who have gotten “blown out?” Some of them somehow find those girls that “ditched them,” and within no time at all, end up making out with them.

What’s the cause of this bizarre mix up?

A little secret that is strangely ignored by most of those who aim to pick up women:

Tension. Yes, that’s right — it’s not techniques, cool stories, or pedigree that gets a woman to “open up” sexually.

It’s the amount of tension you are able to create in her.

If there is any mistake I have seen cripple men with women, it’s this.

Guys work their ass off in interactions to impress and entertain women, but run from tension like the plague.

Ass backwards.

From an attraction standpoint, it is WAY better to say hi to a girl, give her a smirk, strong eye contact, and just sit in the tension as she nervously walks away, than it is to chat a girl’s head off (or let her chat YOUR head off) while you just stand there placidly.

The guy with that smirk might make her feel weird, but it’s going to make her feel aroused too. She’s going to wonder what his deal is.

And, if she runs into him later in the night, so long as he plays it cool, the sparks will be there right off the bat.

Anyway, remember that little tidbit when you go out tonight.

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– Pat

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