One thing that fascinates me to death about this corner of the internet is the number of guys who, after learning how to attract women, get involved in sales.

But I guess it makes perfect sense… after all, “selling yourself” is basically the nature of dating. Sure, there are different layers to attraction, but at the end of the day it’s all persuasion baby.

What’s interesting though is how, just like there are different ways to attract women, there are different ways to sell.

And they overlap pretty much exactly, both in style and outcome.

For instance:

Pick Up Artists line up pretty much exactly with the field of “hard selling.”

You’ve got a girl in that moment, and you’ve got to push hard if you want to get her.

It’s all about high energy, aggressive tactics — moving so fast she can’t even process what’s going on. Because if she does, she’ll bail. For good.

Common aspects of this are showing off, making her feel like if she doesn’t pursue you she’s missing out. Emotional manipulation. Etc. etc.

Most guys suck at this, because it’s both physically and morally taxing, which is why most guys still suck with women after getting involved in Pick Up.

Fortunately, however, like “hard sales tactics” aren’t the only way to get a sale, Pick Up isn’t the only way to get women.

Indeed, it’s not even the best way.

What’s better?

To be transparent and know your value.

Let others know what you’re offering… approach them, perhaps… but ultimately let them come to you when they’re ready.

Yours truly is a great example.I’m not afraid of showing women my desire for them. And, if they’re not interested, I don’t take their rejection seriously. Because I know what I have to offer is good.

Maybe they have a good reason or a bad one, but they’re missing out. I know the ones that do “hook up” don’t regret it.

So it is here.It’s no secret that I’m here to pitch to you.

A man’s gotta eat, after all.

But, there’s no pressure.

Enjoy the stories and insights.

When you’re ready to “put out,” Tackling Texting will be right here waiting for you.

I ain’t worried, because I know you won’t be disappointed when you do. Except, perhaps, that it took you so long to get onboard 😉


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